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Sunday, 8 September 2019



Here are my recent blog posts, many of which were researched with my colleague Scott Forster:


    (23) Sir Alexander Carr-Saunders, Biologist and Eugenicist

    (22) Carl Blaker, Psychiatrist and Eugencist

    (21)Francis Crew, Animal Geneticist and Human Eugenicist 

    (20) The Educational Testing Service, Carl Brigham,and Eugenics

   (19) Lord David Owen, Former Foreign Secretary and Neurologist

   (18) On Eugenics, the Quakers, and Mental Health

  (17) Eugenics and Eco-Fascism during Coronavirus Pandemic

 (16) The Evils of Eugenics at UCL: Subhadra Das's Podcast

  (15)Sir David Attenborough, Negative Racist Eugenicist

  (14) Sir Francis Galton, Ableist Eugenicist and Prolific Statstician

 (13) On Tories, Boris Johnson, and Eugenics

(12) Sir Winston Churchill, Evil Eugenicist, Racist Warmonger, and Genocidal Maniac

(11) Pre-Eminent Statisticians in the Eugenics Movement

(10) Sir Ronald Fisher, Highly Negative Eugenicist

(9) Professor David Finney, FRS, FRSE, Eugenicist

(8) Corrado Gini and Bruno De Finetti, Statisticians in Fascist Italy, and Eugenics

(7) Eugenics and the Amoralization of Economics

(6) Sir Francis Galton's Highly Inflammatory 1904 Lecture

(5) The Leonard-Forster Written Submission to the Commission of Inquiry into the History of Eugenics at UCL

(4) My verbal presentation to the Commission of Inquiry into the History of Eugenics at UCL


And here are some old blog posts, which were patched together in much more amateur fashion and should be read with circumspection::

(3) Eugenics of the Past, Present, and Future

(2) On the Dark History of Eugenics and MKUltra

(1) William Sargant (1907-1988) Evil Pioneer of Modern Psychiatry

(0) Material on Sir Francis Galton (incomplete)


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