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Friday, 31 July 2015


I attended Sutton High School. Plymouth from 1959 to 1966, and Robert Ritchie, now Distinguished  Professor of Engineering at the University of California, was to become perhaps the most successful of my classmates

                                                             ROBERT O. RITCHIE

Robert O. Ritchie
Chair, Department of Materials Science and Engineering
H. T. & Jessie Chua Distinguished Professor of Engineering
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
210 Hearst Memorial Mining Building, Room 381
University of California, Berkeley
Faculty Senior Scientist
Materials Sciences Division
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA 94720
tel:(510)486-5798 and (510)642-3803

 RITCHIE GROUP  (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)


The former Sutton High School, Plymouth

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015


                                                  VISION OF A FREE SOCIETY

A video on possibilities of a new society, creating a new horizon beyond the idea of 'the market' under capitalism and power of for instance state-socialism and fascism



                                                            DIRECT DEMOCRACY (video)

                                                          A Left Libertarian Viewpoint

Direct democracy (also known as pure democracy)[1] is a form of democracy in which people decide (e.g. vote on, form consensus on) policy initiatives directly.

  1. Alternatively,
  2. Direct Democracy can be defined as a form or system of democracy giving citizens an extraodinary amount of participation in the legislation process and granting them a maximum of political self-determination.


                                                    DIRECT DEMOCRACY (Wiki)

                                        SWITZERLAND'S DIRECT DEMOCRACY

                                           WOULD ATHENIAN STYLE DEMOCRACY
                                                     WORK IN THE U.K. TODAY?



  • We live in dynamic times where a global crisis is slowly penetrating every sphere of our lives. In response to the...
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  • Scott says "One alternative system is direct democracy. It dismantles the social separation between executives and implementors and aims at creating institutions which allow each and every member of society to participate directly in the decision making of the political, economic, social, and ecological matters which concern them and to directly participate in their implementation. This gives space for more complete realization of human potential. I have to make it clear that this kind of direct democracy is nothing like the different forms of “democracy” that we know to be implemented at massive state levels and which are based on representative logic – deciding for someone else who then decides for you, which in no way is the same as citizens and communities making their own decisions."

  • Scott says: "However, in order to remain truly direct, democracy has to be embedded in every sphere of life. Healthcare, education, energy and even architecture should all be based on a participatory politics through common assemblies and deliberative committees, directly linked with the supreme communal institutions (general assemblies and councils) in order to assert the right of the commons."

  • Scott says:"Such horizontal structures can act as universities, teaching people the logic of self-organization and self-management through practice. It is important, however, that these structures maintain an anti-systemic character and constantly aim to re-think their practices in order to avoid absorbtion by the dominant system. Through citizen activity, political consciousness can be created and show that direct democracy is not just some muddy utopia, but a tool for finding and solving problems here and now. As long as these horizontal structures develop and multiply and as long as they remain a part of a wider resistance movement for social change, more and more people will see their usefulness, and we will be getting closer to a direct democracy"

SRINIVASA RAMANUGAN (1887-1920) Great Indian Mathematician








      What did our good Lord mean by 'blasphemy against the Holy Spirit'? Would he include the 'cruelty by psychopathic bullies towards the human spirit' in this category?

      Truly I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men, and whatever blasphemies they utter, but whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin.

(Mark 3:39)


  • Madison Taylor Thomas I've never fully understood this... 
    Would it be possible for you to explain it to me? 
    Thank you I'd love to hear from you xo
  • Thomas Leonard It's saying that Jesus doesn't forgive everyone, His death on the Cross therefore only redeemed the sins of those he wanted to forgive. He didn't want to forgive those who'd 'blasphemed against the Holy Spirit' We need to further interpet exactly what he meant by that. It is one of the riddles, which, like parables, he has left us to try to decipher. 'Those with ears to hear let them hear. Those with eyes to see let them see' He used his parables to confuse the Pharisees
  For example, Christians who abuse children may believe that they're forgiven in God's eyes, when that may well not be the case.

  • James Carter Tom, you're completely vindicated. Scripture shows Christ believed in a limit to tolerance and that child abuse is completely unforgivable. In this respect he was at odds with the Emperor Tiberius and the Roman upper crust and ahead of his time. When the disciples shooed away the little children who wanted to see Jesus, Our Lord said, "Suffer the little children to come unto me" and he blessed them. Then he said, "Verily I say unto you, unless ye be like to one of these little ones, ye shall not enter the kingdom of heaven." This means it is good to be as pure and innocvent
  • James Carter as pure and innocent and uncomplicated as a child. In a different context Christ pointed out how difficult it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven and sure enough by and large wealth is not traditionally concentrated in the hands of children. Furthermore Christ said "Whoso harms one of these [meaning the children] it were better he were cast in chains at the bottom of the sea." This makes clear Christ's view that child abuse is unforgivable and also makes clear Our Lord's opposition to paedophilia.


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 My favourite quotes by Catherine of Siena:
 "If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world on fire!"
 "Proclaim the truth and do not be silent through fear."
 "Every step of the way to heaven is heaven."


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Tuesday, 28 July 2015




Bill Young is a fellow member of the Edinburgh All Comer's Writers Club. Please read his wonderful new travel book, 'The Hidden Gods',

Sunday, 26 July 2015


                                     TSAR MAY HAVE LIVED SECRETLY AS MONK


Friday, 24 July 2015

KEITH ORD, Statistician

                                                               KEITH ORD


Keith Ord was my very supportive colleague in the Dept of Statistics at the University
of Warwick during the 1970s, and one of my co-authors. Please see Chapter 4 of my
academic life story 'The Life of a Bayesian Boy'. Here is an excerpt:

obin Reed, a fellow undergraduate at Imperial College, and a talented probabilist, though never one to take the credit, was instrumental in helping Jeff and I to found the Statistics Department at Warwick. Robin is still there and, after Jeff’s retirement in 2000, he became the longest serving member in the department. I was saddened to see that Jeff’s official history of the department gives Robin and myself an honourable mention (just after the coin tossing) but scarcely acknowledges anybody else.
      Jim Smith’s postscript to the official history is more generous but still fails to give more than passing credit to Keith Ord, Tony O’Hagan and Mike West each of whom moved on to high-flying careers at other universities (Penn State, Nottingham, and Duke), or to Sylvia Richardson. I always found the over-riding atmosphere in the department to be rather megalomaniacal, almost like a group psychosis.
         Nevertheless, I revelled in Jim’s company when he was a Ph.D. student, I enjoyed played squash with Tony, and I found Keith and his wife, the American statistician Janice Derr, to be extremely hospitable and enjoyed playing scrabble with them. Jim wrote an outstanding thesis on Bayesian Catastrophe Theory and the Kalman Filter, nurtured by Jeff Harrison and under the eagle-eyed gaze of the all-consuming pure mathematician Christopher Zeeman (since elevated to greatness) who put Jim and Jeff in touch with the cusps and manifolds developed by RenĂ©e Thom.


Following an eminent career in the U.S., Keith is currently Professor in the McDonough School of Business at

                                             GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY

Professor Ord’s interests lie in business forecasting and the statistical modeling and analysis of business processes. His research has been published in a number of journals, including: Journal of the American Statistical Association, International Journal of Forecasting, Operations Research, European Journal of Operational Research and Journal of the Operational Research Society. His most recent co-authored books are Forecasting with Exponential Smoothing (2008), and Principles of Business Forecasting (2012). He is also a co-author of Kendall's Advanced Theory of Statistics, a two-volume reference work now in its sixth edition. He recently completed a term as treasurer of the American Statistical Association and is a past president of the group “Making Statistics More Effective in Schools and Business” (MSMESB). He is a fellow of the American Statistical Association, the Royal Statistical Society and the International Institute of Forecasters. He is also an elected member of the International Statistical Institute. He is an associate editor and past editor of the International Journal of Forecasting.


Download cv.doc


  • Ph.D. (1967) University of London (London School of Economics), Theoretical Statistics
  • B.Sc. (1963) University of London (London School of Economics), Computational methods

Wednesday, 22 July 2015


                                                     ROSLIN GLEN GUNPOWDER MILL

                                                                    GOOGLE MAP




                             BBC Propaganda on behalf of Big Pharma (Eli Lilly)


                             A Clinical Trial reported in New England Journal of Medicine

                             Excellent Article by Alan Feuerstein


In an extended analysis of two large but negative clinical trials, Lilly scientists conclude that mild Alzheimer's patients who start treatment with sola early lose cognition and function at a slower rate than similar patients who start taking the drug later. The inability of "delayed-start" sola patients to catch up to early sola starters suggests the drug is having a positive, modifying effect on Alzheimer's, Lilly says.

Using a delayed-start trial design to assess the potential for a drug to slow disease progression has been tried before, but the sola results are the first time it's been used successfully with Alzheimer's patients, says Hong Liu-Seifert, the Lilly scientist who led the EXPEDITION-EXT study.

"The results support the potential benefit of starting treatment with solanezumab earlier rather than later in disease progression, and suggest there is persistence of treatment effect after the delayed-start patients are given the drug," said Dr. Paul Aisen, director of the Alzheimer's Therapeutics Research Institute at the University of Southern California, in a statement.

But not all Alzheimer's experts share Lilly and Aisen's optimistic view of the sola delayed-start data. An Alzheimer's doctor at the AAIC conference, who asked not be named because he didn't want to criticize colleagues publicly, views the small differences in measurements of cognition and function between early- and delayed-start sola patients to be clinically meaningless.

He also believes Lilly leaned heavily on extensive "modeling" of the raw data and unproven but generous statistical methods to reach its positive conclusions. "What we're seeing here is not a disease modifying effect," he says.


A traumatic fictional representation: but no worse than the ongoing barbaric maltreatments by ECT and toxic psych meds, The shrinks are very well represented! ECT and atypical antipsychotics, anti-depressants, and mood stabilisers drain the human life force in very similar fashion in around 20% of the population, and vaccinations and Monsanto-style chemicals inflict even further damage. All of us, EVEN THE PEOPLE WHO RULE, risk being turned into chemicalized zombies, and all for the sake of 'big profit' !!! Capitalism has gone crazy around us, and it is leading us along a path of mass self-destruction, like lemmings to the sea,

From Phil Stalheim>>>>Podling therapy... Psychiatry at work in the film "Dark Crystal" ? Seems to me that this is what they really are doing. A process by which they render people as so called normal? Looked at this and thought it makes a great metaphor for what is being done.
And they have managed to deceive people into believing they are the good guys?

                                A TRAUMATIC VIDEO