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Thursday, 21 November 2019

Bubble, Blether, Blither, Abusive Pariahs



by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard

Bubble away Prince Andrew

At the younger berries and elderberries

Blether Bad Boris Blether

Blither Sir Aristocranky David Attenbatterem blither

Who about nature and starving the African masses burbles

Begone abusive pariahs!

And with Eugenics how about thought

And Compassion

Keep whispering, devious psychopath,

Triangulating owl in your ghostly lair

This poem was composed by Tom Leonard, in the Botanic Cottage in the Royal Botanical Gardens Edinburgh on 21st November 2019. This was during an Open Book writing session led by Pauline Moore during Book Week Scotland. The theme of the session  was 'Blether'.

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