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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

CHRYSALIS a poem by Tom Leonard



                                                      by Tom Leonard

                                               Dedicated to Cameron, music maker


On becoming a butterfly,

A caterpillar breaks free from its bonds,

Like a leaf turns into a tree,

And flies into golden ponds,

Like a child chrysalises into the adult

They wanna be.

You can evolve into the great artist,

Newtonian polymath,

Celtic footballer,

Or river dancer of your dreams;

Even when you fall flat on your backside,

And make a pig's ear of everything,

Just shut you eyes and see,

Welcome is a lamb that becomes a lion,

Who defies the locusts of repression,

Who stands for the vulnerable, and the weak,

Who tries to climb the spiritual peaks.

You can chrysalise into your fantasy;

Just imagine, and wait and see;

You have the insights of a Confucius of old;

Just break free.

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