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Friday, 22 July 2016



                   KEVIN'S VERSION (From my novel 'Grand Schemes of the Future)

          To Susan’s dismay, Kevin poured himself another coffee while reciting his version of an old                 limerick about a Warden of Wadham who approved of the folkways of Sodom:

There once was a Warden of Wadham
Who sought after the folkways of Sodom.
For a Don might, he said,
Be a right dick of a ned
But  a slick Fellow, at bottom.
Well did the loud bizzoms of Wadham
Insure their space for fun and games;
They knew their crime, the delights of Sodom,
But swished their whips just the same.

"You made that up, Kevin!" declared Susan, "No self-respecting Oxonian would ever behave like that,"

"No I didn't! And you'd never believe what they get up to at Keble."
           “Really Kevin. You should read Shelley or Byron instead of that sort of rubbish.”


                                                      TRUE VERSION (from Wiki)

Robert Thistlethwayte (baptized 16 December 1690 – c. January, 1744) was a Warden of Wadham College, Oxford and clergyman in the Church of England.[1]
In 1737 Thistlethwaite fled to Boulogne after being accused of making homosexual advances towards a student, William French, whose tutor John Swinton was also accused of homosexual practices. Satirical poetry was written about these events.[2] The following limerick possibly also refers to Thistlethwayte.[3]
There once was a Warden of Wadham
Who approved of the folkways of Sodom,
For a man might, he said,
Have a very poor head
But be a fine Fellow, at bottom.
Allegations of homosexual behaviour, which was considered scandalous at that time, and the College's decision to take out fire insurance combined to prompt the following verse:[citation needed]
Well did the am'rous sone of Wadham
Insure their house 'gainst future flame;
They knew their crime, the crime of Sodom,
And judg'd their punishment the same.


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