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Friday, 26 June 2020



                                                         E.T.S. AND CARL BRIGHAM

                                                             CARL BRIGHAM VVIKI

                                                   ORIGINS OF STANDARDISED TESTS

                                                               EUGENICS ARCHIVES

                                       HISTORY OF S..A.T  MIRED IN RACISM AND ELITISM

Carl Campbell Brigham (July 10, 1890 – January 24, 1943) was a professor of psychology at Princeton University's Department of Psychology and pioneer in the field of psychometrics. He sat on the advisory council of the American Eugenics Society and his early writings heavily influenced the eugenics movement and anti-immigration legislation in the United States, but he later disowned these views toward the end of his life. He created the SAT for College Board.   

At the outbreak of World War I, Brigham joined the military and was commissioned as first lieutenant in the Sanitary Corps, psychological service from October to December 1917 at Camp Dix. He was then assigned to the Surgeon General's office in Washington, D.C., where he worked with Robert Yerkes to administer the army mental tests to US Army recruits. From January to March 1918 he was at Camps Meade, Lee, and Gordon to conduct psychological experiments. In April 1918, he was assigned to the Tank Corps, but he never served overseas.[4]
After the war was over, Brigham joined Princeton as a faculty member in 1920 and began working on adapting the army mental tests for use in college admissions.[6]
In 1923, Brigham published his influential book, A Study of American Intelligence. Analyzing the data from the World War I army mental tests, Brigham came to the conclusion that native-born Americans had the highest intelligence out of the groups tested. He proclaimed the intellectual superiority of the "Nordic Race" and the inferiority of the "Alpine" (Eastern European), "Mediterranean," and "Negro" races and argued that immigration should be carefully controlled to safeguard the "American Intelligence."
By 1925, Brigham had devised his own college admissions test, known as the Princeton Test.[6]
In 1926, Brigham created the SAT for College Board.[6]
In his 1930 paper "Intelligence Tests of Immigrant Groups," Brigham recanted his 1923 analysis of the results of the Army Mental Tests. Due to having used prejudicial test administration and analytical techniques in his original research (he had not taken into consideration that the first language of some of the people he studied was not English), he acknowledged that his conclusions were "without foundation" and stated "that study with its entire hypothetical superstructure of racial differences collapses completely."[7][8] Nevertheless, it had already been instrumental in fueling anti-immigrant sentiment in America and in the eugenics debate. It was used effectively by Harry Laughlin in the 1924 congressional debates leading to anti-immigrant legislation.
Brigham died January 24, 1943, in Princeton, New Jerse          



                                                          David Owen  Wikipedia

In 1960, Owen joined the Vauxhall branch of the Labour Party and the Fabian Society. He qualified as a doctor in 1962 and began work at St Thomas's Hospital. In 1964, he contested the Torrington seat as the Labour candidate against the Conservative Party incumbent, losing in what was a traditional Conservative-Liberal marginal. He was neurology and psychiatric registrar at St Thomas's Hospital for two years, as assistant to Dr. William Sargant, then Research Fellow on the Medical Unit doing research into Parkinsonian trauma and neuropharmacology.

                       William Sargant (1907-1988)  Evil Pioneer of Modern Psychiatry 


                          TO BE CONTINUED



Monday, 15 June 2020


                                                                             THE APOLLO GOAT SHRINK


By the time she was sixteen, Pippa had received a couple of 'Top of the Form' prizes. But things began to go dreadfully wrong. She'd only just completed her Standard Grade exams, when her eagle-eyed chemistry teacher took her to task. To cut a long story short, the cruel Talking Tigress walloped Pippa with a thick wooden paddle until her flesh was raw. And that was only for smoking weed with the other hockey players behind the changing rooms

A wimpish pupil might well have caved in and promised never to play up ever again. But Pippa went a bit manic and took a grip of the tigress's throat, without any intention to squeeze hard at all.

And suddenly a police van turned up with sirens wailing! The pig-rozzers dragged the enraged teenager away, and confined her for observation to the Royal Triv on the bleak southern shore of Lake Osiris. She felt guilt-ridden, and she wasn't that naive. She wouldn't be treated with kid gloves.

After completing a couple of mind-probing questionnaires for the Trinkon invigilators, Pippa was hauled up a steep flight of stairs and thrown head-first onto a purple carpet. The leading neuron-dissection specialist on Qinsatorix, a cantankerous Apollo Goat, doubtlessly believed he was some godhead or other. Looking a touch bored, he glanced at Pippa's notes, and told the Trinkon orderlies to inject her left rib with five hundred millilitres of modecate. The sugary blue creatures obliged and the needle tore into the bone.

How could I have done such a thing?” howled Pippa.

You're an Earthling,” snarled the specialist. “It's in your nature.”

The old goat continued to read Pippa's notes, before holding forth. “Well now, Miss Pipette. You're very high on the scale of intense humanoid badassery. I therefore have no hesitation in diagnosing you as suffering from Borderline Bad Ass Deficiency. I proscribe half-daily doses of chlorpromazine. If you promise to behave yourself, you will be permitted to take them orally.”

How do I know that chlorpromazine is safe?” wailed Pippa.

Because it's one of the select brands that Friedrich Finney tested on over 20 Apollo Mules for his Interplanetary Drug Monitor.”

Who the fuck is that fish?”

Finney's no fish. He's a top quality, two-hundred-year old eugenicist, who worked at the feet of Hans-Dieter Fisher at UCL on Las Alamos. Fisher enjoyed squeezing rats to death in his bare hands, and that certainly improved the rodent population. And talking about your own family history of recessive abnormalities ...”

Pippa knew what eugenics was about. She'd studied the tiresome subject at Standard Grade.
I don't want to be sterilized,” she shrieked.

Sunday, 7 June 2020



That night Pippa dreamt of butterflies, and honey in the hives.
Dreyfus dreamt of mountain tops, and the Mehoopany Falls,
And Pippa entered Dreyfus's dream, and galloped with him to the Foss.
Dreyfus entered Pippa's dream, and took her to the Tors.


Saturday, 30 May 2020




                                                                             1.4. ANNIVERSARY CONGRESS
       During July 2712, Drs. McCull and Skulltwister attended an event of singular importance in a luxurious conference centre on the lakeside campus of the University of the Sunrise in Trivoli. The 111 th. Interstellar Eugenics Congress was organised by the Eugenics Society of Qinsatorix, and the Society's president, Princess Margaret of the Asturias officiated at the opening ceremony. Knuddy was scheduled to present a short contributed paper during the second afternoon of the conference, entitled Winnowing and Sifting in Negative Eugenics.
      When Alistair and Knuddy entered the conference vestibule they were just in time to see the fast fading Dowager Empress unveiling an 800 year anniversary plaque. The inscription celebrated the First International Eugenics Congress, which was attended by over 1000 delegates and hangers-on, including the influential British politicians Arthur Balfour and Winston Churchill. The Congress took place during July 1912 at the University of London in South Kensington, England. All the delegates were invited to a prestigious schmoozefest in the Duchess of Marlborough's mansion. They included high-powered groups of Italians, Germans and Yanks, and Dr. Evil himself, the notorious Eugen Fischer, the future Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology in Berlin, and torturer by medical experimentation of numerous Jews, gay people and gypsies in the Nazi concentration camps,

      Knuddy struggled through the heaving masses and into the Kennedy-Galton lecture theatre, where a paltry audience of 11 assorted humanoids awaited him. But he was glad to see the hairy First Minister and Foreign Secretary chewing the cud on the velvet sofa The panoramic view of the mercurial Lake Nefertiti, from the purple pines on Picnic Point to the golden Statue of Liberty by the source of the Tiber, was truly magnificent.
        Knuddy talked crap for fully twenty minutes about how beneficial he felt the winnowing and sifting of 'inferior' sub-populations had been, ever since 1912, when seeking to 'improve' the humanoid stock in the Sol and Aton solar systems. When Knuddy finished, there was a ripple of applause, and a single question. That came from a green-eyed Quaker with a wispy beard, an eminent historian of Statistics, Psychiatry and Eugenics.
       Knuddy agreed with the historian that the Society of Quakers should take much of the credit for the early developments in Eugenics (after Francis Galton coined the term in 1883), since Galton and several other leading eugenicists were either born into wealthy Quaker families or influenced by Quaker doctrine. And in his 1911 will, Sir Francis financed the first three Professors of Eugenics at University College London from £42000 of Quaker family wealth, which had been acquired through arms and slave trading. But Knuddy argued that the Shiners of the Aton solar system had assumed the spiritual mantle during the twenty-fifth century, and borne the brunt of the moral leadership ever since. The Quaker felt forced to concede the point.
      The Kennedy-Galton lecture theatre was packed to the rafters that evening when a Professor of Public Health from Planet Claudius Ptolemy presented his plenary lecture. The studious Apollo Penguin described how the delegates to the 1912 conference, including Home Secretary Winston Churchill, cobbled together the terms of the 1913 Mental Deficiency Act. Tens of thousands of supposedly mentally defective Britains were subsequently incarcerated for life, forceably sterilized, or grossly maltreated.
     The First Minister was glad that similar measures had long since been enacted on Qinsatorix, as they had been in Germany, Canada, and the U.S.A. so many centuries ago. What happened in the much repressed Italian Empire at the behest of the renowned socio-economic statistician Professor Corrado Gini of the Papal University of Rome was a different kettle of fish. The 1912 Gini Coefficient helped to take care of that.