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Sunday, 26 June 2022

Ophelia, Creator Spirit, a poem by Tom Leonard

                                                OPHELIA, CREATOR SPIRIT



                                           Tom Leonard

                    DNA and Evolution are part of Ophelia

                    The planets and stars are in her genes

                    as she encompasses our Universes

                    One created by Big Bang from another

                    But there is a dark side of her Spirit

                    That kills, maims, starves,

                    and causes immense suffering

                    Should we worship you, Ophelia,

                    Or tremble and quake at your feet?                     

Monday, 13 June 2022




                                    Copyright Tom Leonard

                                       Edinburgh June 2022


                                      5. TEENS IN ACTION

Following their misadventures on Mainau, Pippa, Slim and Dreyfus swiftly returned to their studies at Laughlin Collegein a high-powered Heptagon war canoe. After stopping to talk to the lascivious princesses on Mustique, they breathed sighs of relief when they moored on the Lower Blackway on Nod.

The three pupils were appalled to learn from their kindly ‘Back to the Future’ teacher, a Talking Mahi Mahi of some repute, that Capitalist and war-inficted climate change on Qinsatorix was likely to cause the seriously detrimental evolution of many of the species, and that the gradual melting of the Vikiniland icecap could well cause sudden and catastrophic diversion of the Nino Stream with all sorts of unforeseen consequences. The trio promptly persuaded Headmaster Tredgold to let them study the effects of climate change as a special project.

During November 2712, Pippa was very sad to hear that the Qinxhunters had failed in an attempt, devised by Slim, to rescue Zoe Russlethrush from Foreign Secretary Eradacus’s mansion in Trivoli. Zoe was consequently kept chained to her waterbed in an isolated turret. Bra Quantum, the leader of the Qinxhunters, was inconsolable,.

On Christmas Eve 2712, Dr. Sargant Tredgold discovered his husband Jake Skulltwister's decapitated head within striking distance of the Sir Ronald Fisher Natural Selection Pit. The words 'Galton sadist' were written on a piece of toilet tissue wedged into the victim's right eye-socket. Jake's right leg was hanging over the ledge of the pit, and a bronze horseshoe was lying on the ground nearby. The Galton murderer had struck for the third time, at least.

Tredgold was stricken with grief, but took solace in reading poetry with young Corbyn Blair on the sofa in Abrahall-Frere Tower. Blair particularly enjoyed the poem Touched by a Raving Aardvark.

Dreyfus Dreadnought survived a lengthy interrogation by Nod and Mustique police. The stern-faced D.C.I. from Gayfield Square closely resembled his dour cousin, the Shadow Home Secretary ‘I.D.’ Smith. The D.C.I. believed that the Galton triple murderer was very likely a Janian with strong associations with Laughlin College. Suspicion fell on the creepy Biostatistical Genetics teacher Aylmer Grimster, since he’d served in the Green Beret assassination squads in Paris 273 as a youth, with the scalps of an errant English princess and her lithe-limbed equerry to his name.

Zoe was released from her chains during early December 2712, and forced to complete her indentured marriage rites with Dirk Eradacus, with two sour-faced monks from St. Augustine’s Residential School for Wayward Urchins in attendance. This followed Dirk's discovery that his cruelly enslaved fiancée was pregnant.

On New Year's Eve 2712, Dirk and Zoe held a schmoozefest in their mansion by Lake Akhenaten in Trivoli, City of Lanterns. The brash First Minister strolled over from the Gold House with his dachshunds, but the elderly Emperor and Empress sent their apologies from their tortoise-shaped palace by Lake Nefertiti, since they needed to doggy-sit the corgis.

Zoe became increasingly bored by the toffee-nosed tittle-tattle, but she was fascinated when an elderly, bearded astronomer held forth about the intricacies of the forthcoming double eclipse of the two moons with the Aton Sunstar. This seminal event was due to occur on 3rd. August 2713.

Dirk's gibbon-faced mother butted in, and tactlessly remarked that 3rd. August was Zoe's due date, and wouldn't it be auspicious if her seventh grandson was born during the double eclipse?

Zoe felt embarrassed, and retreated up the metal stairs to her isolated turret. She prayed to the Goddess Asherah that the stroppy maternity doctor would keep to her promise, and not let on to Dirk that she was expecting twins, quite apart from the dreadful rest of it.

Dirk was distracted during a painful conversation with the melodramatic First Minister, when he saw the astronomer plotting deviously in the corner with two decrepit companions. Being a touch paranoid, Dirk told his security guards to encourage the three old dodderers to leave.

Dreyfus Dreadnought was feeling rather pear-shaped when he and his fellow pupils saw in the New Year in the grotty Hyacinth Rolfe-Gotto Dining Hall on Nod. Dreyfus was keeping his little secret to himself, in the belief that it wasn't really true, though he was scared that the other geeks would tease him for looking knocked up.

That Saturday, the farmers of Western Trystonia brought their produce and wares into Trivoli to sell from their stalls on the side-walks of the octagon that surrounded the Planet Capitol building. This was a weekly social event. Bands would play, acrobats perform, and comedians fall about laughing, amidst all the activities on the luscious grass, that stretched between the side-walks and the Capitol building.

Zoe Eradacus set off for the Farmers' Market in mid-morning, arm-in-arm with her gibbon-like husband and her uptight mother-in-law. Platopyruses and quack ducks dived and splashed among the splat leaves on Lake Akhenaten, charorobins and squintfinches played in the palm trees that rose from the fizzy waters, and tiny otters leapt ashore and teased the chimpmunks.

Dirk and his mother strode on, eyes to the front, while Zoe struggled to maintain the connections of her spirit with the feelings of nature, and her sense of the everlasting influence of the pantheistic demi-gods of light and fertility.

“If I'd lived in olden times, then maybe I'd have been a green witch,” Zoe said, out loud, but neither of her guardians took notice.

They entered the Old City through the Bootham Bar and continued along High Fleancegate, until they reached the lofty Cathedral of St. Basil of Caesarea. When they turned sharp right, the Capitol Dome loomed high above them, and they found themselves struggling through swarms of sentient creatures as they entered the Capitol Octagon.

While Zoe's mother-in-law was purchasing a small packet of Rosemary at a herb stall operated by a bearded Qolish gentleman, Zoe got into a conversation with the Qole’s dewy eyed trans daughter about mysterious trans women in the rainforests of Wyalusing watching for UFOs in the skies

The Qolish girl resented the ways that Society frequently viewed trans people. She'd recently got very depressed when she'd been lead to doubt that she was a real woman. “It's a matter of life and death!” she declared.

“Let's keep in touch,” said Zoe. “It would be good if you could help me to raise my children.”

“I'll drop by your mansion,” replied the girl, with a delightful smile, and so she would.

Just then, a cat-like parliamentary whipper-snapper bounded up, and told Dirk that the First Minister wanted a chat, on the Capitol steps.

“Not that old-school neo-liberal again!” muttered Dirk.

“He’s such a reactionary twerp,” said the whipper-snapper.

“What confounded cheek!” responded Dirk.

“The Wilmington Bidens are full of cheek, Sir,” replied the feline creature, gleefully wagging his tail.

When Eradacus greeted the illustrious Head of State, the dude wiped the snot out of his nose with an unlaundered handkerchief.

“Hummings and I are disturbed,” blethered the First Minister, “at the way our high class, golden brethren on Canine Six and Gallium Arsenide are being enslaved and mistreated by the stupid Grottzonkers and inane Psychlops. They seem to think that we're the inferior species. I do believe they're practising Fisherian-Pearsonian eugenics in reverse! They're treating our kith and kin like the way we bully the Illiterati.”

“Totes,” replied Dirk, with due courtesy. “The C.I. boffins on Tiberius Ptolemy created both those ghastly species a few centuries back by rewiring their primeval antecedents. That may be why both species have developed exaggerated senses of their own superiority.”

“They're social murderers, that's what I say… Social murder? Now that's a neat expression. I'll use it in my speeches.”

“Do you think we should send in the Q.I.A. extermination squads?”

The First Minister scratched his chin for several seconds. “The Daily Mail might even catch on to that! Why don't we try to split their alliance, and spark off a conflagration that would kill off the whole bluddy lot of them?”

Dirk tilted his head, a touch mechanically. “Diplomacy is a possible alternative,” he responded. “We could offer the unholy monsters better trade deals, in return for fully restoring the civil rights of all Icarians on their planets.”

“What a wonderful conception!” backtracked the scatterbrained jackanape. “I wouldn’t have thought of that in a month of Sundays.”

“I’m glad you think so. I’ll take a ‘dirty tricks’ peace mission to the two planets. Ket Martingale will have a field day.”

Zoe's restrained herself from giving the First Minister a piece of her mind. When the pompous upstart retired to his heavily guarded suite in the Gold House, he jangled his bell, and his favourite minions came in and behaved like jackasses.

At noon, the crowds thronging the Octagon directed their gaze towards the Palatine steps, where the frog-like Archbishop of Madron introduced them to the Three Wise Men of Ur. Dirk immediately recognised the eccentric trio. They were three elderly individuals he’d had thrown out of his mansion on New Year’s Eve.

When Balthazar rose to speak, he was greeted by a clutch of rude catcalls from the yobs. He fluttered his hands in forgiveness, and spoke with a Gaelic lilt.

“Unto you a child called Josiah will be born,” enunciated Balthazar. “He will be the tenth humanoid manifestation of our blessed ever eternal Messiah, who is travelling through the Lionel Penrose wormhole on the space station Castellos at this very moment in time. Josiah will be born on this planet during the next double lunar eclipse, in a building on which the Silver Cometron of Lilith focuses its rays.”

The fool's trying to predict that Zoe will give birth to a Christ Childsurmised Dirk Eradacus. My verbal-diarrhoeic mother should have kept her mouth shut. She shouldn't have let on about Zoe's due date.

“The Messiah's fake news!” shrieked a surly Apollo Komodo. “God-damned Trotskyists!”

“Why does it have to be a boy?” yelled a lady in a tight purple dress. “The first nine humanoid Messiahs were men. This is gender discrimination!”

“Such is the word of the Creator in all his primaeval glory,” retorted Balthazar, with a dark frown, “and he gets mighty ancy when he's frustrated.”

A moon-faced hooligan reacted to that piece of verbiage by hurling three pebbles in Balthazar's direction. As if by divine providence, the second one hit the old fool smack on his nose, and the third flew straight into his gaping mouth.

“Sexist!” howled the hooligan, as the blood poured from the count's face. “Sexist! Death to the Sexist! Death to the heretics!”

“Death to the sexists!” roared the crowds, in unison, and the wise counts staggered into the Capitol building, in fear of their lives.




                                    Copyright Tom Leonard

                                       Edinburgh June 2022


                                  4.THE ISLE OF MAINAU

That evening, Pippa and Slim, looking remarkably spruce and smelling of roses, attended a convivial St. Crispus Eve reception in the hotel drawing room, hosted by the Living Incarnate Sir Aristides Sunkist and his delectable Apollo Alpha fifth wife. The crystal glass chandeliers descended from the lofty ceiling like Orchanusian sex-predators in wait.

Although Dreyfus wasn't invited, he gatecrashed the proceedings, limping slightly after a brief visit to the blacksmith, in the hope of drinking with Pippa.
Zoe left her fiancée hobnobbing on the podium to talk to her buddies, but Pippa was button-holed by a minor official. So Slim and Zoe made their excuses, and retreated, quietlyto the terrace.
Dreyfus crept closer to the podium and hid behind a huge Talking Cyclops, in time to overhear a piece of dialogue that seemed to be of vital importance:
...and my dear brother King Mark is waiting in Constanţa for the Homo Erectus troops to arrive from around the Land of Qet,” Prince Alfred was saying. “After taking care of the home guard, they'll join forces with the Royal Pelimodes and march on Trivoli, uniting the factions of Apollo revolutionaries as they go. My darling mother will follow with the uranium-powered battle-tanks. She'll blow 'em away.”

You're doomed to failure,” retorted Sir Aristides Sunkist. “My colleagues will never countenance such an outrageous adventure. You're from an inferior sub-species, the whole damned lot of you!”

But you promised us your support,” protested the prince, “at the Summer Solstice Weinfest in Garmisch.

Sir Aristides grimaced. You stupid fool! I said that totally in jest. Moreover, the Nineveh Boys on Tiberius Ptolemy still blame you for your mass slaughter of their aristocrats during the Zintian warsYou cut off the counts’ ears and put them in a sack! Several eminent Apollo Penguin economists at the Galton-Booth School of Business would like to see you dead, and Stag Kissinger is out for your guts.

Now I see your pretty game,” growled the prince. “We will nevertheless proceed at pace, and the Emperor and his sycophantic acolytes will bite the dust.”

Slim and Zoe got on remarkably well on the terrace, and hid behind a Periboea tree for a cuddle.

The Goddess Asherah was surveying the reception on her Mainau-app, from the holy space station Castellos, where she and her long-estranged husband Yahweh lived in different macro-capsules (each the size of a small planet and connected to the enormous, central Creative Evolution Unit by long, concentric corridors). Asherah wondered about the potential import should the delightful couplon the terrace have sex together. The goddess smiled serenelyperched her admirer Mercury on her massive knee, and invited him to drink a wee dram with her.

Dreyfus was taking a bite out of a delectable hors d'oevres when Lady Jemima Sunkist crept up, like a witch in fine clothing, and whispered, My father deigns to invite you for fun and group frolics in the Bridal Suite.”

Dreyfus flapped his wings in consternation. What!” he exclaimed, feeling more than a bit itchy.

Asherah and Mercury thought about the implications of that. They wondered whether to interfere via the Aphrodite waves, but decided to let nature take its course.

At that moment in time, there was a concordance of consciousness across the planet. Three wizened old creatures in Ur 573 stirred in their beds, and visited the loo.

Unto us a Child is given!” wailed the one with the false teeth.

Looks as if we're going to have to head west again,” slurped the incontinendribbler, “searching for some stupid heavenly star.”

The morning after the capers of the night before, the senior Janians and repressed youngsters set off from the Hotel of the Purple Habsburgs, and headed, on foot, for the Ape-Swan's Nest, with Sleeping Sparrow and his ever attentive partner in tow. They were followed by Prince Alfred's glazy-eyed, purple-haired toy-boy, who looked if he’d been put through the wringer the night before.

When the party reached the Dealey knoll, a guard of twelve pectishes emerged from a raddle-copter, sawn-off shot guns at the ready. Pectishes sport lower arms with large fists, which they can clench like a vice, and the claws in their feet can take off a head in a blink.

The woodland trail merged into a wider, dung-ridden track. cylindrical truck roared along it, towards the dense thicket. The visitors and frosty pectishes followed on footwhile having to jump into the nettles, whenever another truck zoomed by. When they emerged, in a fine state, from the other side of the thicket, the trucks were unloading their wares, onto a ledge overhanging a redstone crater.

Pippa peered nervously over the edgeand was awestruck by the bubbling, bluey-green waters of Lake Spectrum, over eight hundred feet below. In the middle of the lake stood a towering, white castle keep. Pippa loved the flowering mango trees on its roof.

Prince Alfred, trying his best to sound endearing, explained to Slim that they'd need to go down on the heavy traction elevator that was riveted to the rock-face. Slim told the prince to take a running jump.

Pippa didn't dare to look sideways when the jam-packed cage went into slow descent. After what seemed an eternity, the exit gate crashed open, and Pippa saw a team of pectishes herding a flock of yellow, woolly sheep, onto an ancient royal barge.

The Janians and their friends piled onto the barge amidst the sheepThe lake was teeming with ape-swans, and broods of tiny ape-cygnets playing in the reeds.

Beware the Tower of Infamous Iniquity, where Hitler's eagles are afraid to fly!” cried an elderly ape-swan, with emeralds for teeth.

 “Beware the alt-right-fascists, the misogynistic Taliboo, and the festering race scientists too!

“The Taliboo cut my tiny sister’s wings to shreds,” shrieked a fluffy-feathered ape-cygnet, “and they’ll do worse to you.”

The portcullis was raised just as the barge reached the water-gate. Dreyfus raised his eyebrows in surprise. There on the crustaceous, stone steps stood the delightful wife of the Living Incarnate, looking most replete.
"Lovely to see you in daylight, darlings,” the Apollo Alpha contentedly declared. “My husband is waiting for you in the chapel with a bottle of vintage Colston Cream.

After aapéritif in the Chapel of St. Vincula, deep inside the White Tower of Mainau, the teens from Nod were given a bottle of coke-bloat, and told to vamoose to the Qinview room.

The senior Janians and two Heptagons pursued their confabulations around the oval table in front of the altar. To his misfortune, Prince Alfred failed to notice Jemima spiking his drink with Eyedrops. Aristides Sunkist nodded, barely perceptibly, in approval, scratching his wrinkled skin.

In the name of the First Living Incarnate of the divine Janusthe much revered Prince Felixos von Attenburg!” announced Sir Aristides, rapping the table with his long brass Onassis pipe.

“All praise to Janus and the White Christ!” declared Ket Martingale, rubbing his glistening red neck.

There are two items on the agenda today,” announced Sir Aristides. Let’s kick the ball off with our peace or war negotiations with the Heptagon scum...”

Dirk Eradacus’s sideburns bristled like a hedge-fund Talking Porcupine. “I’d prefer,” he interrupted, to firstly consider how harshly to put down the violent revolution by the homo erectus and their gang of obnoxious rebels in the East.”

object!” burbled Prince Alfred, glazy-eyed. “The homo erectus simply seek confirmation of their ancestral rights to control the eastern trade routes. The greedy, macro-microaggressive Icarians grabbed them off us in 2321, and they've been milking our resources ever since.”

Sir Aristides Sunkist straightened his UCLA Alumni tie. Tough on youyou pompous, traitorous dork,” he roared. “The golden master race rules, and all inferior, grovelling hominids will bow to our wishes.”

Our Pelimode and Sigmoid allies will put you trumped up colonialists in the shade,” raged the prince. “We'll trample all over youonce and for all. We'll run you out of every archipelago on the planet!

Sir Aristides bared his silver-plated teeth. “Your own attempts at colonialism are an unmitigated disaster, you blithering fool. But enough of your irresponsible jackernapery! I call upon Ket to address the important issue of the day.”

Thank you, Your Grace,” enjoined Ket Martingale, himself a high bred Icarian. “Those stuck up Erecti should seek solace with the Howling Dingos.”

Get on with it!”

Natürlich, mein DoppelführerThe profits in the Heptagon’s highly disreputable casinos are excessive, and in breach of the fair trade laws. Our much fairer roulette wheels have only two zeros, and glean a long-run profit of only a nineteenth of all money bet. It is essential to avoid discrimination against our hard-working fair-traders. The Heptagon should clean up their act!”

Sleeping Sparrow flexed his shiny, bronze muscles. "Our nation faces far deeper problems. We're getting starved like convicts in our tiny reservations, we're freezing to death in North Artica owing to the high price of fuel, our children are receiving scant remedial education, and no free milk or lunch.”

So what?” retorted Martingale. “The Heptagon are ruining our resources and wasting our space. You're all over the place!”

The Heptagon chieftain lost his cool at that. It's the land of our bronze forefathers, you've genocided fifty million of us already, and yet you still sterilize our mothers following the births of their first children. Two of your officials even came into my wigwam last month wanting to neuter me with a sharp pair of snipper-snappers! This isn't equitable either!”

Tredgold gritted his teeth. “This raises the question as to whether we should throw all the surviving Heptagon, the entire caboodle of them, into our glacier camps in South Artica. The Pelimodes would be only too glad to ply our bronze inferiors with lentils and rice, while they dig deep for the hubric, and expend themselves according to an actuarially efficient death rate.”

Sleeping Sparrow blew a gasket, and flopped forwards onto the table in dismay.

Eradacus chuckled, and wagged his finger at Dr. Tredgold. “Now now, Sarg! You've been sounding off like the seven-headed goat of Persepolis 88.

Genocide them!” reacted Tredgold. “Grind their children to dust!

Eradacus tried to look as wise as George W. Bush. Maybe some sort of make-shift compromise with the Heptagon would be preferable.

Spoken like a true, pox-ridden gibbon!" howled Prince Alfred.

 “The homo erectus will never kowtow to indigenous low-life. Strafe the Heptagon with scyon gas, that 's what I say!”

Debating with you is like playing squash with a dish of scrambled eggs,” raged Eradacus.

Your blue matter's as scrambled as a two-faced baboon's,” blustered Prince Alfred.

Lady Jemima frowned. You look a touch drowsy, dear. Why don't you go and relax on the davenport in the Goering Room?”

No chance. I'm only just getting started.

The meeting was about to fall apart in disarray, when the ape-swan assistant hurried in from the turret suite. “You should come to the turret quickly, Your Grace,” she articulated. “There's trouble in Constanţa.”

I'll be right there,” responded Sir Aristideswith a distinctly audible wheeze, and so he was.

When Sir Aristides returned to the meeting in the Chapelhe ensconced his hefty backside on his beautifully embroidered armchair, and smiled. The prince's Cnupian slave peered at him from under the table, and wondered what devious nonsense was afoot.

What was all that about?” burbled Prince Alfred, stirring himself from his slumbers.

A mere detail,” answered Sir Aristides, with an imperceptible wink. “A small technicality that needed to be sorted out in Constanţa.”

I'm surprised you're " involved,” blustered the ponderous prince. “My brother Mark is in control there, and as far to the west as the eye can see.”

Aristides chuckled, and performed the Sign of the Skewed Cross. “God's fucked him rotten, and now the old goat will screw you to the rafters!"

That was when the Eyedrops really set in. The prince keeled over sideways and fell to the floor, into a loudly snoring comaHis purple-haired slave smirked and went to fetch a couple of pectishes. They took the prince to the Goering Chamber, and kicked him onto the bed.

The teenagers were watching Big Boom Theory in the Qinview Room, and laughing their heads off at Shellfish getting into yet another twist, when the screen went blank. When the image of an agitated Talking Sea-Lion emerged into view. Dreyfus was gobsmacked at hearing something dead serious.

Breathtaking news, Breathtaking News!” screeched the sea-lion. “Rebel forces have stormed the Regional Parliament building in Constanţa. Here are the renegade King Mark of the Homo Erectus and the obesely overweight Dowager Queen Maggie waving to the crowds from the balcony of Wellington Palace’

“Troops from the Royal Pelimodes are protecting the forecourt, and putting scores of loyal citizens to the sword’.

“Crown Prince Hoglet of the Homo Erectus is leading an attack on the Qinview Broadcasting Station by the harbour. His élite Apollo Snake bodyguard is meeting scant resistance from the Green Berets, most of whom have been dispersed along the beach. Over to our political analyst, Guth Gungepipe."

Revolt!” shrieked Dreyfus. “Take the Capitol Building, and let the people decideRevolt!

“This is a dire situation indeed,” continued Gungepipe, “If the Homo Erectus take the military base at Cluj, then the entire eastern battle-fleet will be at their disposal, together with eighty uranium-powered battle-tanks. To be frank, the omens do not look good. The regional government has completely lost control. Furthermore, several battalions of the Imperial Pectish Pink Berets have just deserted to the Homo Erectus.”

This is getting mighty confusing,” objected Zoe. “The pectish are on both sides at once.”

“...The Homo Erectus are in a strong position in political terms. They regard the Land of Qet as encompassing the entire eastern peninsula, and they may well decide to secede from our beloved empire, but they could try to advance upon Trivoli and seize the entire empire for themselves, God forbid it.”
Pippa and Slim rushed into the chapel.

The Homo Erectus are taking power,” bleated Pippa. “They could destroy all civilisation on this planet for good.”

Sir Aristides chuckled like a geeky narcissus. “Don't worry, kiddiesEverything's under control. I'm the arch-manipulator on this planet!

Sir Aristides tried to distract his guests from the situation in Constanţa by taking them to the ninth floor to see the Huxley Collection; the exhibits included hundreds of grisly humanoid remains from the Kaiser-Wilhelm Anthropological Institute in Berlin 7. 

However, Dreyfus opted out. Hstayeslouched on a beanbagonly to be distracted, at some point in time, by the sound of the blaring of trumpets.

Breathtaking Breaking News!” screeched the Qinview presenter.

 “The homo erectus rebels have stormed our transmission station in Constanţa, God curse them, but we're still receiving sufficient footage. Here's their trumped up king in the Rose Garden, greeting his new subjectsAnd this must be Crown Prince Hoglet, returning to take the credit for his troops' shameful victory on the beach…...’

“…...but why are those those Pink Beret pectish acting up? They’re deserters from their turncoat Imperial Pectish battalion! What the hell are they doing with those flamethrowers?…...Yeeeeeeeeeeeeesh!”

To Dreyfus's consternation, the 'double turncoat' Pink Beret deserters scorched the homo erectus royal family to excruciatingly painful deaths. Prince Hoglet's eyes burst out of their sockets, as he fried in the cinders, and Dowager Queen Maggie evaporated in a cloud of steam.

Horribly ghastly scenes ensued as the crowds ran towards the harbour to escape the devastating heat. Scores of Pelimodes leapt, burning, over the harbour wall, only to drown, gurgling in the stinking mud. Dozens of homo erectus lay sizzling on the lawn, as the eye-jabbing albatross circled expectantly overheadA crowd of schoolchildren were caught in the flames, and perished in agony.

It was more than Dreyfus could take. He collapsed in a heap, crying his eyes out.

When they visited the horrendous Huxley Collection, Slim inquired which of the evil Huxleys it was named after.

“Aldous, of course,” replied Sir Aristides, “He was no liberal. He wanted to create his uniquely repressive, brave, new world.”

Sir Aristides took his guests to watch a film about the Musso-fascist genocide on Planet Felix Fivebefore inviting them up to the ornate roof garden for meagre refreshmentsSlim felt hemmed in by the suffocating foliage, and by the sandstone cliffs that towered above him on all sides. What a stupid place to hide, he thought.

Pippa saw Sir Aristides and the ape-swan conversing in sign language.

A few minutes later, Dirk and Ket wandered up.

“Sir Aristides says that the events in Constanţa have been taken care of,” said Dirk, with a fickle grin.
And now we're ready to take you and Slim down our very own Centre for Rassen-Hygiene on floor minus eleven,” said Ket. “It’s just above the canal from Machonik, where we bring our living specimens in.”

“We'll show you what our research into scientific racism [the study of any empirical evidence that might be used to attempt to falsely justify racism] is about,” said Dirk. “We're funded by the Rockerwell Joyous Life Foundation.”

Ket gave Slim a barely noticeable, Cuomo-esque squeeze. “It's all part of our master plan for your careers, you see. You'll be helping us there during your vacations when you attend university.”
When Pippa and Slim saw the humanoid suffering in that despicable establishment, they shed tears of despair.

Meanwhile, Prince Alfred Saxe-Hanover, direct descendent of King Ethelbert the Boneless and the seventh Christ, lay in a chemically-induced coma on the davenport in the windowless Goering Chamber, dreaming about seven well-hung hominids and an ill-fated princess with huge golden calves.
"How could you be so horrible!" howled Bra Quantum, the leader of the Qinxhunters, rushing into the prince's dreadful dream.
"It's my birthright," protested a voice. "Some are born to rule. Others to grovel."
"Take this!" howled Bra, throwing the Spear of Destiny at the prince's greasy navel.
"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarg!" howled the voice. "You send me to eternity from my fantastical fantasy."

The prince found himself lying, muggle-headed, on the couchand, before he could find his bearings, a stroppy pectish with a flame-thrower loomed out of the gloom, flexing the claws in its feet.
"Are you part of my dream?" asked the prince, reaching for his high-powered Earp-pistol.
Not that one,” chuckled the pectish, pulling his trigger, and the scorching flame burnt a hole through spaceWhen the dust settled, Alfred's faithful slave came in with the hoover. Alfred's burnt guts were all that was left.

That's all four of those dumb Erectus royals disposed ofreflected the crafty Living Incarnate of the Janians. I owe my success to the fickle pectishes, and the way I manipulated and bribed them from afar. The revolution will fail.

Following the 2712 Massacre of Constanţa, all adult homo erectus on Qinsatorix were put to the sword, their cities, towns and villages razed to the ground. There was much weeping and gnashing of teeth.