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Saturday, 9 July 2016

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The Grand Oligarchs by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard


Thomas Hoskyns Leonard: e-mail
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Thomas Hoskyns Leonard (the Bayesian statistician Tom Leonard) is a well-published, retired Professor of Statistics who has taught at the Universities of Warwick, Wisconsin-Madison and Edinburgh and is best known for his treatise A Personal History of Bayesian Statistics, which was named John Wiley's hot article of the week during February 2014, and for Bayesian Methods, An Analysis for Statisticians and Interdisciplinary Researchers (with John Hsu, Cambridge University Press, 1999), one of his two advanced textbooks.

      In April 2014, Statslife, an online publication of the Royal Statistical Society, published an illustrated version of Dr. Leonard's invited talk to the Society about Bayesian history, and John Wiley published an interview with him subtitled The Life of a Bayesian Boy in Statistics Views during May 2014. He is a publicly active Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and Founding Fellow of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA).

      In 2012 and 2013, Dr. Leonard self-published two novels on his website, entitled Grand Schemes on Qinsatorix and In the Shadows of Calton Hill. As a co-founder with the Scottish poets Scott Forster and James L.S. Carter of the Edinburgh All-Comers Writers Club, he has composed, since 2011, about eighty poems and written a collection of short stories, as well as encouraging a number of successful writers and poets. He enjoys performance poetry and sometimes reads his poems to the Blind Poetics group in Edinburgh.

      Dr. Leonard is also a public health campaigner, and the administrator of the Facebook group Mental Health Discussions Edinburgh which boasts over 1000 members worldwide. His blog averages over 16000 views a month, and contains over 500 posts addressing many diverse socio-political, scientific, and spiritual issues. A very active international player with a rating of about 1880, he debates social and political issues as a founder of the forthcoming, secular 'Portico Social Advocacy Group' which is centred in his church in Edinburgh's New Town.


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