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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Intentio Editing, by Dr.Eystein Thanisch


                     I would like to highly recommend Eystein for his literary skills, He has given me wonderful assistance in the past when writing my Bayesian History for Wiley and my self-published novels, He has profound knowledge about the Classics, and Celtic poetry and literature,


                                                    INTENTIO EDITING 


For a while now, I have been working surreptitiously as an editor and proofreader, largely for friends, friends of friends, and academic contacts (thank you very much to those involved for the opportunities). This has proved fruitful and rewarding for all concerned, so I am starting to proactively market myself. To this end, I hereby unveil my new website and quasi-business, 'Intentio Editing':
The rough-and-ready thumbnail is regrettable, but the website is better!
If you know anyone who might find my services useful, please do pass the link on. And if anyone has any feedback on the website, then that will be gratefully received. I am going to dish it out, so I need to learn to take it...


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