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Tuesday, 22 September 2015

TROSSACHS VISIT--SEPTEMBER 2015, a poem by James L.S. Carter

                                            TROSSACHS VISIT--SEPTEMBER 2015

                                                            by James L.S. Carter

                                                 In Trossachs Forests we went back again,
                                                 The Writers of the Dumbledykes to spend
                                                 Some quiet times in solitary moods

                                                 Looking at Leannach and Rob Roy woods;

                                                 The woods that we had visited in June,

                                                 Already in September, oh how soon

                                                 The changes to the general landscape scene!

                                                 Where were the bluebells that in June we'd seen?

                                                 The azure carpets that had covered o'er

                                                 The Bohcastle and Glen Finglas forest-floor

                                                  Were gone, and so sadly gone and in their place

                                                  Were bonny heather-clumps in purple shades,


                                                 At Callander we made a comfort-stop

                                                 And sweets and gossip I and Linda swap.

                                                 Then off again to see landscapes immense,

                                                  By Achray and Drunkie lochsides trees so dense,

                                                  Dense by the waters' edge to block the view

                                                  Of Ledi, Lomond, More and Ben Venue.

                                                  We witnessed -our bus-vehicle-inside-

                                                  The urbanisation of the countryside

                                                  That for so many cattle, sheep-farms cleared

                                                  By so many industries it also smeared:

                                                  Tourism, fishing, forestry to say

                                                  But three that shape the country-land today.

                                                  Of trees, we saw many in the varied greens

                                                  That filled Vennacharside and Ardside scenes.


                                                   We fantasised we owned castles, hotels

                                                   That by the woody lochsides cast their spells.

                                                   At Aberfoyle we stopped to have some teas,

                                                   Then went home and witnessed yet more trees----



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