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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


                                                                 DUMNONIA (Wiki)


Dumnonia is the Latinised name for the Brythonic kingdom in Sub-Roman Britain between the late 4th and late 8th centuries, in what is now the more westerly parts of South West England. It was centred in the area later called Devon, but included modern Cornwall and part of Somerset, with its eastern boundary changing over time as the gradual westward expansion of the neighbouring Anglo-Saxon kingdom of Wessex encroached on its territory

Caer ----



                                                ISCA (EXETER), THE CAPITAL OF DUMNONIA


                                                               KINGS OF DUMNONIA

  • Conan Meriadoc ap Gereint (Conan the Merry) (c.340–c.387)
  • Gadeon ap Conan (c.387–c.390)
  • Guoremor ap Gadeon (c.387–c.400)
  • Tutwal ap Guoremor (c.400–c.410)
  • Conomor ap Tutwal (c.410–c.435)
  • Constantine Corneu ap Conomar (Constantine of Cornwall) (c.435–c.443)


                                                          KING GADEON OF DUMNONIA



                                                     EARLY SAINTS OF DUMNONIA



                                                       INTRIGUING HISTORY

  • It lost it’s unity in two stages, when King Ine of Wessex incorporated Devon into Wessex and Cornwall was incorporated during King Egbert’s reign after the Battle of Hingston Down.. This was a battle that took place in 838 when Egbert defeated an alliance that had been formed between the Cornish and the Vikings. It was this defeat that  completed the subjugation of the western region to Wessex.

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