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Friday, 18 September 2015

SCUM AND WIMPS ONE YEAR ON, a poem inspired by Thomas Tallis

19th September 2015: Message from Thomas:

It's the one year anniversary of Scotland wimping out and believing the Tory scum.
Are you writing a poem?
Here's some fuel...

One year on, no promises or vows came to anything as we knew. 
One year on, many thousands of sick and elderly have lifelines pulled by the very people some tried to eradicate. 

Meanwhile, those yonder border will continue Tory rhetoric, cutting every service until it's non existent, selling weapons to the Middle East via Selex Galileo and BAE Systems, then pointing the finger of blame to society when the Middle Eastern citizens flee the warzone.
Great year.



by  Thomas Tallis and Thomas Hoskyns Leonard

One year on, the wimps and Tory scum are in full flow

No promises, no vows, no once too often curtain bows

Have come to anything, as we know

One year on, many sick and elderly are dead,

Their lifelines pulled by drones on whom we'd wanted to tread;

Beyond yonder border Tory rhetoric cuts services to shreds,

Arms sales to the Middle East keep the economy in full flow,

BAE Systems and Selex Galileo engage in mutual fellatio,

And when citizens flee the warzones and killing fields,

The slick bastards blame any person unwilling to in Hell fire tarry,

And every Tom, Dick, and Harry, 

    Apart from the oligarchs who so cunningly the invisible knife do wield

And the revolutionary forces parry.

Shame on you, Scottish traitors,

You were the crafty berators,

When the Yes's were about the No's to beat!

Darling and Brown shouldn't have made us take such heat,

They should be entwined as mangled one in the Reaper's Hell-bound sheet.

One year on, as a hideously Nazi-esque regime in London emerges

Our minds towards a grossly mutated future converge;

So let's drink and be merry and enjoy the splurges,

Until the ten millionth starving body in the gutters is enfranchised,

And the bourgeoisie are like zombies chemicalised,

And until the half torn slaves towards the quarries wimper, .

Beaten into the ground by the trolls who simper

While playing up to Monsanto, GHB, and Merck,

As they peer from above, and smirk.

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