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Sunday, 6 September 2015



'Misuse of his head'

It is said that Bentham's head was stolen by students from Kings College, London, and used for an impromptu game of football in the college quadrangle.
The rivalry between UCL and KCL goes back to the founding of the respective institutions in the 1820s. The Church of England responded to the foundation of 'the style of Infidelity at the end of Gower Street' with the foundation of King's College.
The head is in a delicate condition, and would have quickly disintegrated should anyone have tried to kick it around.
The head was, however, kidnapped by students from King's College Students in October 1975. it was returned unharmed following the payment of a ransom of £10 to the charity Shelter.
Bentham’s head is now kept in special environmental conditions in the Institute of Archaeology.

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