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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

MAY SHOWER, a sonnet for people with depression by James L.S. Carter

                                                             MAY SHOWER

                                                           by James L.S. Carter


                                  Gutter-velocities of clouds condensed

                                  Slanting through skylines like thin pencillings!

                                  So fixed a flux! Such constant canterings

                                  Criss-crossing cobbles, rippling kerb-side bends!

                                  And damply sodden, flowering currant scents

                                  Hang in the air and breathe their blossomings

                                  While other currents sweep impeding things

                                  Down to the drains where all impeding ends.

                                  So flood my heart with feeling that contends

                                  Against depression and the hurt it brings

                                  Till the soul claps and spirit wins its wings

                                  And all the world's enemies seem friends

                                  Teach me, May shower, and bless as you anoint

                                  My head with rains that to the vast seas point.                                     


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