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Monday, 29 October 2018


                                          IBI ME AD MORTEM IRE !!


At  the Planet Bar Relaunch. October 2018

I am the face behind the hand

Clockwise from left: Greg, Dr. Edward, Radic, George, Chivon/Ian, me, David Murray

X=Dougie (far right)


Sergeant Boris: What sort of clique are you talking about, you imbecile?

Sasquatch: I dunno all the things they're about, apart from their joy trips from Amsterdam to North Shields, of course. I'm harking back to the denouement with not Dr. Edward in Habana, way back at the beginning of 2007, and all those bad, bad things he was supposed to be doing.

Sergeant Boris: Wot bad, bad things?

Sasquatch: The bad bad things the Polish student Artur was moaning and howling about before they disappeared him.

Sergeant Boris: Were Richard Victoria Gibson and Auntie Gordon Crestfallen in on them?

Sasquatch: I dunno. Victoria was deid by then from a diabetes/ insulin related reaction, or so they said, and not Dr.Edward cried his eyes out at her funeral in late 2006 at Seafield Crematorium. Quite unbecoming, it really was.

Sergeant Boris: So what's the bovver?

Sasquatch: I'm mainly concerned about the bad bad things they were doing way back then, They're entitled to earn a living during these austere times, of course. Cameron Marr would know the score. He's not as psychotic as he always sounded. He's the DJ Chris's former partner. The nice DJ in Habana, I mean 

Sergeant Boris: Do you have any further clues?

Sasquatch: Maybe we're talking about a very harmful, psychopathic, paranoid schizophrenic criminal in our midst. Tongueless Edward the Bellringer knows all about that Walter Mitty's history, and he's no saint either.

Sergeant Boris: And are you scared of Dr, Edward's actuarial assessments? Did you feel threatened during your conversation in Planet in late January 2019?

Sasquatch: The assessments came twelve years apart would you believe? The first one was reported to Gayfield Police while they were also investigating a would be terrorist out of Habana who I called the Leaping Masseur. And the second time, the so-called Dr, Edward Macaulay-Davidson admitted that my perceptions were totally accurate and on the ball the first time round!!!, Yep, he and his kilt-tilting buddy George could send someone for me if they went totally bananas. Greg the runner perhaps, or Dougie's pet keelie in Habana maybe, All along, out along, down along,lee!

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