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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

THE CHICKEN AND THE RAVEN, a poem by Edi Duarte and Tom Leonard



                                                                      THE CHICKEN AND THE RAVEN

The chicken with the shrill voice

Danced with the crazy man from Hell;

They moved like a puppet toy

And the feelings emerged from their little shell.

Who are you inside?” he inquired,

You make me feel utterly wired.”

Clapping its wings the chicken would reply,

I cannot tell you as we are all trying to find ourselves. That’s why."

There’s a raven inside me trying to get out,” shrieked the madman.

Until she does, I can’t love nowt.”

Love is over-rated,” clucked the chicken, ‘but I will let you know

that what you’ll find in me is a very manly crow.”

by Edi Duarte and Tom Leonard

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