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Wednesday, 10 October 2018

COMPASSION LOVE, a poem by Edi Duarte and Tom Leonard


There is a million people out there for us to meet

Sailing like a fleet and freezing in the sleet

All together, all alone, when the bird has flown

Some live in poverty and die alone

Some are wealthy, but they have the same outcome

In the hereafter, they beat the same drum.

Monica always knew better, she told me the world is cruel

And never to forget my sweater

And Monica taught me compassion, to all as well as the few

But few know all that well about what that means

They show it to their ego and not to the spectrum

Believing themselves to be selfless

But in the myriad of minds it takes all kinds

Before the mystery of life in self unwinds.

And Monica and Toby now in an orchard live

Where others come to give.

By Edi Duarte and Tom Leonard

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