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Thursday, 1 November 2018



My Ministry to South Edinburgh Quakers (Sunday 4th November 2018)

Friends, I would like to hold a wonderful woman in the light this morning, who I have known since 1974. Joyce Fienberg died tragically during the recent Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh. She was the wife of my friend, the Canadian-American statistician Steve Fienberg. I first met Steve and Joyce during a statistical conference in Newcastle in 1974, and I subsequently visited their house during a seminar visit to Minneapolis-St. Paul in 1980.

Steve sadly passed away in 2016, around the time I referred in my interview in the ISBA bulletin to his humorous after dinner speech at the Valencia 6 conference in 1998, and I last met him at the RSS Conference in Plymouth in 2002.

Steve and Joyce represented everything that is good about America. I am grief-stricken that the current political climate has brought about this terrible tragedy, 

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