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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

William A. Young, Edinburgh Travel Writer Extra-Ordinaire


                                                                         Bill Young

                                          A fellow member of Edinburgh All Comers Writers Club

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                                                          GODS &RADICALS

              Bill writes:   So... These kind people are publishing an article I wrote in their journal, out in print in May. The journal's called 'A Beautiful Resistance', and is all very anarchist. Scott will probably approve.
The article's called 'The Wood at the World's End' - a shameless but entirely appropriate William Morris reference.
I wrote the words; the photographs were taken by a collaborator, Hanne Fisker ( The editor for this issue's a writer called Lorna Smithers, whose stuff is very much worth a look (

                 For a number of further stories by Bill, please see his very popular blog:

                                                 FERAL WORDS AUTHOR BLOG

                                                         These include his first book


                                                              HIDDEN GODS


                                        Bill has recently also written the wonderful story

                                                 THE LAST TEMPLE OF THE CELTS


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