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Tuesday, 1 March 2016



During my accurate completion of my tax forms for the financial year 2014-2015, I entered 'amount of tax deducted' as £****. However, when I received my tax calculations from HMRC in Bexhill in early 2016, it included a demand for payment of  £**** by 31st January, when I thought that the correct amount should be  £****,

       I however discovered that they had  based their calculations on an incorrectly stated amount of tax deducted of £****. I therefore stapled a cheque for £**** to the following letter, which I mailed to HMRC:

HM Revenue and Customs
Self Assessment


I refer to you tax calculation of 24 th December 2015 for the year 2014-15.

I declare that the amount of tax deducted by U.S.S. from by UK pensions and State Benefits was £**** rather than the £**** stated by yourself.

Signed 6th January 2015.

Consequently, the balancing payment due by 31 January 2015 is instead £****.** and the payments on account due by 31 January and 31 July 2015 are both £****.**.

I therefore attach a cheque for £****.**. This is the total amount which I believe to be due by 31st January 2015.

Would you please be kind enough to confirm that my version of the calculations is the correct one?

With thanks,

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Leonard

As I am an elderly and vulnerable person I subsequently felt quite stressed out each morning when the mail was due to arrive, It was not until about six weeks later that I received a non-reply from HMRC in the form of a threatening demand for the balance of about £3000 without any mention of my letter of 6th January 2016,

I therefore phoned HMRC and eventually got into conversation with a very helpful assistant officer called Natalie McGarry. She advised me that

(A) HMRC had indeed cashed my cheque for  £****

(B) I had indeed entered the correct amount of tax deducted (£****) on my tax form, and that this was also the amount entered on my P60,

(C) HMRC had incorrectly scanned this amount by misinterpreting the 5 to be a three.

(D) My letter of 6th January had not been scanned anywhere onto HMRC's system (It is still not obvious to me whether the letter was conveniently 'lost' on receipt or forwarded to another department with a backlog,

(E) That she'd now sorted everything out, my account was in credit to the tune of 63 pence, and that no further payments were due during February 2016,

(F) She would notify the department who'd sent me the erroneous demand for £3000 during the following 72 hours,

A few days later a received written  confirmation from Natalie to the effect that HMRC's calculations had been corrected, and this was further confirmed by another letter which I received from HMRC yesterday.

Nevertheless, the day after I received Natalie's confirmation I received a menacing unsigned letter from one MRS, C. MORRIS supposedly a high ranking official with HMRC's Debt Management and Management Department, demanding payment of £****.** with all sorts of nasty consequences if I didn't coff up immediately. In the following reply I indicated that she was criminally harassing an elderly and vulnerable person:

Dear Mrs. Graham,

I refer you to your letter of 19th February 2016, in which you demand money with menaces from an elderly and vulnerable person. I always pay my taxes on time.

I also refer you to the letter I received yesterday from your very helpful Assistant Officer Natalie McGarry by which she rectified HMRC's previous glaring errors, namely

(A). An amount of £**** entered on my tax form as 'tax deducted' was supposedly 'misread' by your scanner as £****.

(B) My letter to HMRC of 4th January 2016, in which I indicated this error, was 'conveniently lost' by some jerk working for you even though it was stapled to a cheque for over £**** which you subsequently cashed.

In the circumstances, I request an abject apology signed personally by yourself, together with a full explanation of how (B) occurred and the name of the jerk who perpetrated it,

If you do not fully respond to these requests within seven days, I will drop by Gayfield Police Station with a view to filing charges, against you personally, for criminal harassment of an elderly and vulnerable person.

Yours sincerely,

Dr, Thomas Leonard

This morning I received a patronising phone call from a smooth talking lady who'd presumably been hired for her apparent expertise in public relations. She thought that Mrs, C. Graham was much to senior to have to bother with my complaint, Despite my vehement protests, the gist of her reply was

              'I can only (verbally) apologise, but this is how HMRC's system works',

                                 I'm sorry, Mrs. C, Graham. but this isn't good enough.

                                                  I'm after your HEID !   (that's Scottish for HEAD)

                                             You stupid heidbanger

                                    On behalf of vulnerable people everywhere

 P,S, I now understand that Mrs, C, Graham may be a straw woman who does not even exist, and that the patronising person who phoned me therefore blatantly lied in this respect, In that case, I'm after all their heidbanging heids

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