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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

SNATCH FROM ETERNITY, a sonnet composed by James L.S. Carter




                                                     SNATCH FROM ETERNITY

                                                             by James L.S. Carter

                           Snatch from Eternity a pinch of time,

                           And call it Life, call it a time of Light,

                           A time of Love, a tunnel-end of white,

                           A wavy motion, an amaze, a rhyme,

                           For there are misty forests in the mind

                           With partiality of sound and sight

                            Where every demon of excess can fright

                           The thought-complacent and the thinking-blind

                           And if we falter on despair's abyss

                           And scare the shadow that we pass from us

                           We see this leafy-furnished home amiss

                           And fail to see as sweet and serious

                           The summit-sense of culminating bliss

                           That comes with growth's triumphant tenderness.

                             Copyright James L.S.Carter, March 2016, Edinburgh

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