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Wednesday, 23 March 2016



                                         TOLSTOY THE PECULIAR CHRISTIAN ANARCHIST


                                                     CHRISTIAN ANARCHISM (Wiki)



The sanctification of political power by Christianity is blasphemy; it is the negation of 


                                                        TOLSTOY AND ANARCHISM


                                                       WAS JESUS AN ANARCHIST?

The basic idea behind Christian anarchism is that when it comes to politics, "anarchism" is what follows (or is supposed to follow) from "Christianity". "Anarchism" here can mean, for example, a denunciation of the state (because through it we are violent, we commit idolatry, and so on), the envisioning of a stateless society, and/or the enacting of an inclusive, bottom-up kind of community life. And "Christianity" can be understood, for example, in the very rationalistic way Leo Tolstoy interprets it, through the Catholic framework Dorothy Day approaches it, or through the various Protestant eyes of people like Jacques Ellul, Vernard Eller, Dave Andrews or Michael Elliott. There can therefore be a lot of ways "Christianity" is interpreted, and equally there are many facets to this "anarchism". But one way or the other, Christian anarchism holds the view that, properly understood, what Jesus calls us to in the political sphere is some form of anarchism.
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