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Thursday, 31 March 2016

MY 400th POST----April Fool's Day




                                                      PRANK IDEAS


                                                  PRANK IDEAS IN THE MIRROR

 Today, I will be eating a late mid-afternoon brunch with Steve the Boxer in Pearce's bar at the Top of Leith Walk, We will be discussing the assassination of the Grand Duchess Ophelia by a ferocious Trumphund prior to a Pre-Nuptial Ceremony on the Planet Qinsatorix celebrating the Cupidian marriage of Prince Adam of Eden, who has HDADHD, to the sugary blue Trinkon siblings Akira and Osamu, who are dressed in fluffy wedding harnesses, I will then be taking a drive with Thomas and Scott to Selkirk, where we plan to stay overnight with our friend Empirius before driving sixteen miles along the mystical Tweed to Peebles, and, after lunch in the Crown Hotel, onwards through Merlin's Valley,

        Any takers?  (apart from Steve, Thomas, Scott, and Empirius, of course)

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