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Thursday, 18 February 2016

VAPOUR TRAILS, a sonnet by James L.S.Carter

                                                          VAPOUR TRAILS

                                                           James L.S. Carter

                              They chalk along horizons blue and still

                               Like shooting stars slow-motioned during day

                               Receding to a moving point they thrill

                               Moving white lines then plume and blue away...

                               They do not throb through winter arteries

                                Nor chase horizons clattering with fumes.

                                They do not cloud the air with rainy skies

                                But for their ever-winding fleecy plumes

                                They seem to point to places far away

                                Where folk are going for a holiday:

                                A further to a blue future beyond

                                A word of neither sight nor sense nor sound

                                Where Time stands melancholically still

                                And every morning's sky's a moving thrill

                           Copyright James L.S. Carter, Edinburgh, February 2016



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