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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

TTIP, a very insightful political poem by Scott F.


                                                      TTIP by SCOTT F.
                                                   (on Scott's blog, The Beauty in Many Places)


Maybe you've heard about the current situation
or maybe you don't know
about the Free Trade bill in discussion
called the Transatlantic trade investment and partnership
the public only have a clue because of an information slip,
this bill giving corporations the right to sue
if they don't like what governments do
like restrictions on pollution
or limits on rising Co2.
if laws states pass harm the progress of profit
they'll be legally enabled to push governments
, to ask for compensation
and to make them stop it.
Among the things set to go
will be Labour rights food labels and control of GMO.
Under this bill people, animals and environment would suffer
and fracking would have free reign
sociopath corporations do these things in the name of “Return”
concerned only for financial gain.
TTIP makes it easier to privatize the NHS
opens the door to US companies
and patients bare the brunt of the cost
with expensive cancer drugs
and a bureaucratic mess.
We had NAFTA and the FTAA
and they were the tyrannies
of their day.
NAFTA led to the uprising of January 1994
when people said “Ya Basta”,
we will take no more
and in the revolt of the indigneous
of Chiapas, Mexico
what the Zapatistas proved
was that resistance to these bills
can only come from below.
TTIP's purpose is to de-regulate and to privatize
socialize the pain and show ethics a quick demise.
In shadowy deals and darkened rooms
Plans are being made to grease the wheels
of global capitalism once more
it should come as no surprise,
we've all heard about Lobbying and the Revolving Door...
multi-nationals are the only real parties
it's their influence that writes the laws
this bill puts that in clear sight
this problem is inherent to this system
and not just one of it's incidental flaws...
politicians are legalizing massive theft
we have to fight back
take to the streets
or else ,

Written 9/2/16


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