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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


                                          THE GRAND OLIGARCHS OF QINSATORIX
                                                        by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard

                                               Excerpt (E) Preliminary Draft Version

A couple of hours later Adam and Akira were lying together, exhausted and hand-in-paw, when there was a creaking sound outside the stained glass window.
“What's that bloody noise?” yelped Prince Adam.
“Maybe it's a poltergeist with knobs on,” giggled Akira.
“I think that it's another of those confounded Q.I.A. agents,” suggested Adam. “They spy on me all over the damned place.”
“I'm sure they do, dearest one,” replied Akira, with a knowing look. “You shouldn't fool yourself that they don't.”
The stained glass window flew suddenly open, and a Cardusian belly-banded owl flew in, in a flash of blue light, flapped its wings three times, and alighted a mahogany stool.
“A million greetings and felicitations, Adam and Akira,” she said, with a blink. “I am the Owl of Fairy Godmothers Past.”
“What tidings to you bring, noble owl?” inquired Prince Adam.
“I bring you truly wonderful tidings, brave prince. You will propagate the sacred bloodline of the Banquotoxxers, and you will perform great and mighty deeds on this planet.”
“What sort of mighty deeds?” asked Adam.
A sheet of white light flashed through the window and transfigured the owl's face.
“The deeds of true christians with a small cee, my son,” replied the owl. “Mark my words! Your brother Osamu will be to you as Jonathan was to David. Together you will lead a rising of the species that will challenge your fat cats and oligarchs to the core.”
“Will my loved ones be triumphant and live to tell their tale?” asked Akira.
“That I cannot tell you, Blessed Daughter of Heaven,” replied the owl, with a sigh and a twitch, “but remember the saintly twenty-first century martyr Julius Statisticus Scotius. His followers on Earth were victorious, even though he preceded them to the Crimson Cube of Heaven in anguish and grief.”
“Are you a physical manifestation of the eternally divine Messiah, noble owl?” asked Adam.
The owl stared at Adam, flapped her wings, and headed for the window
“You can be highly perceptive at times, my son,” she declared, “though you should keep your neurotransmitters better oiled, particularly when you're about to tangle with your bossy relatives.”
How much of that we should actually believe? wondered Akira. Nothing is pre-destined. That pompous owl is doubtlessly under the control of the Q.I.A.

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