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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


                                    MY SIXTEEN YEARS ON TOXIC PSYCH MEDS

 Why did I have to suffer all the anguish, social humiliation, dumbing down of intelligence, and physically debilitating side effects? Why did they almost kill me in 2011? Because I was continuously incompetently misdiagnosed, firstly with endogeneous depression and subsequently with bipolar disorder, I was not correctly diagnosed (with life-long dyspraxia-related ADD) until February 2015, when I was nearly 67, This is a neurophysical condition, Since I took myself off Epilim in October 2011, I have become very productive indeed,

              Participatory mal-adjusted shrinks:

                     1981-3: The super-whiz kid Dr, Fred Coleman (Madison, Wisconsin)

                     1983-4: Some eminent money grubbing professor at the University of Wisconsin

                     1993-5: Another of the same,

                     2000-2003  Dr, Alan Scott, arch-ECT villain (Edinburgh North East)

                     2003-2011: Dr, Timothy Dalkin, putting to sleep expert (Edinburgh North East)



Dr, Fred Coleman 'enlightened philanthropic shrink', who got me into all this in 1981 and then re-diagnosed me as 'bipolar' in 1983 during a very short discussion. Everybody beware, in particular the Hmong !!!

Dr. Fred Coleman, 63, a psychiatrist with a consuming interest in Madison's international community, has been active in refugees' mental health treatment, cross-cultural psychiatry, hospice and the incorporation of religion/spiritual influence in mental health treatment. He is a mentor among the society of Hmong in Madison, including as a healer at the Kajsiab House via the Mental Health Center of Dane County. His family has a background in missionary work in India and West Africa. He provides and supervises counseling and therapy to a diverse population, and is a top-flight badminton coach.

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