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Saturday, 20 February 2016

HIMEMIKO THE TOP, a poem by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard

                                                            HIMEMIKO THE TOP

                                                       by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard



                                                                Dedicated to Hime

                          I'm no feminine Oriental shaman,

                          Or Japanese demoiselle

                          With a tale of higher birth to tell.

                          I'm a highly masculine Italian;

                          I'm Himemiko, the top classical poet in the land

                          Who always tries to get the upper hand.

                          When I talk gently, people try to take me for a ride,

                          When I kowtow, the bullies irritate my hide;

                          But my poetry fosters rebirth of the species

                          In joy, beauty, and all due delicacies.

                          My Michelangelesque sketches

                          Put the bums and the wretches

                          Who wish to ride high,

                          Feeling fit to die.

                          I am the zenith of the crop;

                          That is why my next tee-shirt will be emblazoned with the word TOP.


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