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Friday, 9 October 2015

THE MORAL HIGH GROUND, a poem translated into the Scots tongue, by Scott F,

The Moral High Ground By Thomas Leonard in Scots.


The Moral High Ground
By Thomas Hoskyns Leonard
We, God’s honest ones, hold the moral high ground,
While millions suffer and die in the world around,
Some kowtow, others offend,
We, by our integrity, will the world defend.
Let them come to us, not us beg to them,
As the bureaucrats, shrinks, and procrastinators spew their flem.
All good Scots will eventually see what’s what.
And the bad ones? Stew them in the pot.
In my scots translation:

In the Morell Hie groun.

We Gode's aefauld yins haud the morell hie  groun
iz  mony dree an dee in the warl aroun
wheen snuil, ithers  offend
we, bi oor couthiness will the warl defend.
lat thaim cam tae us, no us thig  o  theim 
Iz high heid yins, heid doktirs an latchers spew thair fleam.
Aw Guid Scots will hinderly ken whit's quwhote 
an surfeit yins? byle thaim in a  pote!


aefauld= singleminded, simplehearted, honest, faithful
morell aka moaral= moral. 
dree= endure, suffer, bear, drag out
snuil=submit, to submit
couthiness=pleasantness, agreeableness, persons who are sociable, sympathetic .
Quwhote is my variant of quwhot which is a variant of quhat meaning what.
SURFEITadj. Sc. usage: excessive, immoderate, esp. in a bad sense, cruel, intemperate in behaviour, overbearing



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