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Monday, 12 October 2015


On Sunday 11th August 2015, Thomas and I visited Kelso in the Scottish Borders in our new second hand Touareg Volkswagen, Morag. This was our first trip in Morag for several weeks as the turbo had to be sent to Volkswagen in Blackpool for repair after Thomas experienced a couple of near misses when the speed suddenly dropped by about 30 mph while he was racing through the countryside. Thank you for that invaluable experience, Uncle Gordon at Edinburgh Waverley Cars---


Thomas in Kelso

Me in Kelso 

A brand new turbocharger

Edinburgh Waverley Cars on London Road

Our trip down the A68 to Jedburgh was extremely scenic

And we enjoyed a late lunch in the Simply Scottish restaurant in Jedburgh

After polishing off our ham and eggs we drove to Kelso via the route to the South of the Tweed

and parked by the Town Square

before going for a drink in the Courtyard Restaurant in the Queenshead Hotel

The menu looked very promising and the place should be good for a meal during our next visit

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