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Saturday, 3 October 2015


                                                   THE KING'S ARMS MELROSE

Melrose is a beautiful town on the River Tweed and in the Scottish Borders, While they charge heftily in visit the Abbey, none of the restaurants or bars serve food during the afternoon, I find this to be quite inhospitable


We tried the King's Arms when we visited there on Wednesday evening,The Polish manageress was extremely welcoming and explained the virtues of the Cullen Skink to us at £6.50 a bowl, When it came it was extremely spawse and contained very little fish. Our main course of salmon and haddock fishcakes (at £11.50 a serving) was barely adequate and the salad was hidden under the fishcakes. The gentleman at the next table protested about his portions much more vehemently, but again to no avail.

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