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Saturday, 24 October 2015

NURSE JULIE AT OPAT ( a poem by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard)

                                                              NURSE JULIE AT OPAT

                                                             by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard


                                 Out to the Western General I go

                                 With my raging fever and bright red left leg in full flow;

                                 The specialist nurse in Acute Receiving

                                 Has my measure,

                                 And pumps me full of a brand new antibiotic at her leisure;

                                 Then next day off to dusty OPAT aways by Telford Road

                                 Where a more formidable nurse injects her load;

                                  But for the next week the dear lassie Julie tends for me

                                  No vein! Who cares? Another dark bruise for my flatmate to see;

                                  But the penicillin cocktail is delivered with loving care.

                                  No rash? Whatever did happen to my allergy?

                                  At least I was recovering from my dire malady.

                                  "It's safer than staying in a ward for a week,"

                                   Said Julie, giving my toes a playful tweak.

                                   "Whoops, you have athlete's foot too!" she opined.

                                   "Maybe you should change your socks when they stink;"

                                   "Otherwise your cellulitis could return in a twink and a wink".

                                    And Thursday was a happy day;

                                    The doctor agreed that the infection had completely gone away,

                                    So back to Scott and Thomas as they took the proverbial piss,

                                     But Julie, my dear Julie, I'll always miss,

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