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Tuesday, 24 November 2015


                                                              Trithagoras and Rainbow Girl

                                                                by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard


"So how do you dispose of the weak and vulnerable in Britain?" purred Ambassador Trithagoras, a blue cat-like felixian from the Planet Qinsatorix.   (24 words)

"We invite them to bijou cocktail parties," simpered Rainbow Girl, the Royal Shape-Shifter, twisting her platinum thong, "Then they're taken away in low loaders and incinerated." (27 words)

"How supercalifragilistic," gulped the ambassador, flicking his whiskers. "We throw them down the Venusian's yawning throat." (16 words)

"They suicided Auntie Rosalina with risperidol," smirked Rainbow Girl, stroking her antlers. "She protested too much."    (16 words)

"Great stu---," replied Trithagoras, as the IDS sanctioners fired three red-hot arrows into his corpulent belly.     (17 words)

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