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Friday, 20 November 2015



             I can't even remember what happened on Monday. On Tuesday afternoon, Thomas and I drove in our Toureg Volkswagen to South Queensferry for yet another meal in the Three Bridges Inn, with a great view, believe it or not of the three bridges across the Firth of Forth. I fancied the breaded haddock, with peas, mash, and two fried eggs on the side, while Thomas devoured a mound of pork and black pudding with a fried egg on top. We know how to get on really well nowadays (ever since my re-diagnoses with A.D.D.) in February by not talking too much. though I guess we talked quite a bit anyway, Then we dropped by the historic Cramond Inn for a coffee on the way back, and chose the table with just the right atmosphere, So I treated myself to a rare gin and slimline.


         When we got back to Edinburgh, Thomas was off to a choir rehearsal, He is hoping to play Hitler in a production in the Churchill Theatre in the Spring. And Scott and I were off for a meeting of the Edinburgh All Comer's Club in Sofi's bar in Leith


         Amanda convened the meeting, and James read his outstanding new poem

                                                   A Spot of Lunch

                                                   TO BE CONTINUED

Saturday 21st November. Resigned membership of Old Saint Paul's Scottish Episcopal Church giving no specific reason, I had regularly attended High Mass for 10 years.

Sunday 22nd November: Attended, new, much more pleasant church in Central Edinburgh, Not Scottish Episcopal Church,.


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