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Wednesday, 11 November 2015



On the evening of 10th November 2015, I made a comment during the discussion of an excellent talk by Dr, Hetan Shah to the Royal Statistical Society in the ICMS building in Edinburgh, Dr, Shah is the Executive Director of the Royal Statistical Society in London and his talk was entitled 'Statistics as Force for Good'

My comment was, to a good approximation:

I agree that good, scientifically-based Statistics can be a force for good, I however recall that some of the early methodology developed by Francis Galton, Ronald Fisher, and Karl Pearson was used to control and harm other populations, for example using Eugenics. My current concern is that badly collected or badly analysed statistics might be used to mind control or harm our various populations in the prevailing world situation where the vulnerable are being maltreated and other populations are being genocided. We are currently involved in a battle between the forces for good and the forces for mind control.

My comment was well-received by Dr. Shah and by several members of the audience.

For the historical background to my comment, see

                               THE DARK HISTORY OF EUGENICS AND MKULTRA

For more about Dr, Shah, see

                               STATISTICS AS A FORCE FOR GOOD, by Dr. Hetan Shah

See also                 IS THE BRAIN BAYESIAN? 

                           (A forthcoming conference at the NYU Center for Mind, Brain, and Consciousness)


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