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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A SPOT OF LUNCH (a poem by James L.S. Carter)

                                                           A SPOT OF LUNCH 

                                                           by James L.S.. Carter



           There was mayonnaise on my bacon;
            red cabbage on my mayonnaise;
            ketchup on my bun.

            There was a ladybird on my lettuce;
             a polka dot on my lunch-table
             blood on my serviette.

             I could see the mayonnaise;
             taste the red cabbage;
             notice the ketchup.

             I could observe the ladybird;
             gaze at the polka dot;
             identify the blood.

             Did the blood come from my measles rash?
             Did the ladybird come from a remote place?
             Did the polka dot come from an artist's touch?

             The lunch was too little,
              Too small to be scene
              Picked out by a ceiling light.
              I bit my lip and developed a cold sore.

              Life is a candle! Out,out! damned spot.



                               Copyright James L.S. Carter,  Edinburgh November 2015


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