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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

NO TO THE DAPL, a poem by Scott F


                                                        No to the DAPL.

                                                             by Scott F

They invaded Turtle Island
and stole your land
infected you with smallpox
Manifest destiny the guiding hand.
Broke the treaties, murdered anna mae,
put Leonard in a cage and keep him
there to this day.
now they come with the DAPL
trying to turn the water to waste
and the air to hell.
Backed by the big banks
National guard on alert,
almost ready to send in the tanks.
Robbed the Black Hills
and call these protests trespass,
They came here for Gold
now they push for Oil and gas
bureaucratic unions writin' letters
talking about job security,
covering their ass.
Made you mine Uranium
till people got sick
poorest county in the US
they just don't give a shit.
At standing rock,
Attack dogs and Pepper spray, security hired by G4S
from the job centres of Britain
to the prisons of Palestine
there's no one they wouldn't oppress.
But The tribes united , Native power
Idle no more and the A.I.M.
defying the colonialists
defying the bankers and the profits that rule them.
Inspired by memories of
the occupation of alcatraz
Red cloud's wars
and the Oka cr-isis.
Protectors not protesters
defending the earth
from fracking and oil spills
BP, Shell, Chevron
and other corporate ills
ignoring Obama
and his well paid shills.


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