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Friday, 9 September 2016


                                                           Thomas  C.. Zaugg

People that know me often try to make excuses for my parents, like, "they don't know what to do", or "but you say mean stuff about them".
And I'm just like, maybe they should apologize for the cold, sinister and indifferent things they did.
I have a hard time relating to most people, because most people weren't raised in the type of authoritarian house that I was.
When I see how much further ahead people get, based on this one difference, they came from families that accepted them for who they are, instead of disowning them. It really undermines the idea that they beat into me the most, that you can only rely on yourself.
It just really pisses me off, they sit in a luxurious house, with multiple cars and even a Porsche while I live with nothing on the street.
And it's just a real piss off because it's like you assholes beat, abused and molested me. Why the fuck aren't you in jail?
And then I realize how corrupt our society is, and how justice is based in capitalism instead moral reasoning.
So I grow up in this isolating situation. Kids around me always knew there was something 'off' about me, I just don't think anybody really knew the level of abuse.
I leave home at 18 and start working a shitty job I hated, just to stay alive. So really when I see these people climbing up in the art world while having family support I look at like they're kind of cheating.
I know that's messed up. It's just hard to make yourself into something when you don't got that.
At 21 I did LSD with a friend, and started remembering some of the shit that I had compartmentalized. And then I've suffered under the indifferent tortures of psychiatric oppression.
I've been beaten and illegally detained by police. I've been censored and tortured for being a political dissident.
A few a week's ago I decided i was going to take my case to the highest court on the earth, the international criminal Court, in the Hague.
It is alleged that government of Canada is in the process of committing ongoing crimes against humanity, and that I am one of thousands who have survived these inhumane and illegal tortures.
As these legal proceedings are contemplated by the ICC's prosecutors office, I'd ask for support in this cause. If my application is successful, it will be the first case heard against a Western government in the history of the ICC. Any support to get me to the Netherlands in the interim would be greatly appreciated.
Why did I start with a diatribe about how I have no real family support?
1. It keeps the emotionally inept at bay
2. That's the type of support I'm going to need while attempting to convict in a court of law the government that's spent nearly a decade torturing me for being different.





                                                          by Thomas C, Zaugg

     You will see from his Facebook page that Thomas has some highly reactionary opinions, Did this young man create himself, or was he created in part by psychiatric abuse and repression?


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