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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

UPSTAIRS ON THE PHONE, A very short story


                                                        UPSTAIRS ON THE PHONE

                                                        by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard

       "He was tired and confused, Officer, and not sure which day the car insurance was due. So, instead of driving to North Berwick, we went back to his mother's house to find out. I sat in the flower garden at the back and played with Angel, while he went up to his room. Twenty minutes later, I wondered what had happened to him. So I crept to the bottom of the stairs. I heard him mumbling into the telephone---some lengthy conversation or other. So I went back to the garden. I must have nodded off. When I went into the house about half an hour later, he still seemed to be mumbling on the phone. But when I walked into the bedroom, I discovered that the sounds were coming from a tape recorder! Then, when I walked through the front door, he was just lying there by the Volkswagen, with a knife stuck through the back of his neck. A few minutes later, you and your colleagues turned up."

      "You're full of bullshit, you creep. We have three eye witnesses. We're charging you with murder."

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