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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

OUT OF NOWHERE, a Highland story by Scott F.

                      Out of nowhere.

                                                      By Scott F.

      We have walked this area of the Highlands many times and never has the weather been so good. Being so familiar to us, we have little need to use our map or navigating instruments.

      Out of nowhere, a thick fog descends and covers us like a blanket of dread. At that point our map becomes useless. None of our instruments work. They all fail to generate readings. We're stuck, alone and lost deep in the glacier shaped highlands far from the comfort or communication of civilization.

      Through the mist we spot the lights. Approaching closer we felt beneath our feet a single dirt track and followed its length eventually coming to an old farmhouse.

       Inside we meet two women, one with dark hair stern and difficult to read, the other kinder and more gentle.

       They welcome us into their house and make us feel comfortable. My friend is shown to a room by the dark haired woman.

       She comes back and tells me my friend is asleep.

       "Not surprised. It was a difficult trek today.”

       Just as she crosses back over the room ,the dark hair women pulls out a blade, not so much a knife as a sharpened piece of metal and told me we should join her.

       I'm confused and shocked to say the least.

       "Stop that” the blonde haired woman shouts. Taking the blade from her hand, she gently ushers her dark haired friend into the bedroom and locks the door with the key.

       "I apologise for my friend, she has some..strange attacks.There'ssome tea here if you'd like some.”

       I end up sitting talking for hours with the blonde woman. Her face is kind, her features gentle. She talks pleasantly pressing her chin to her elegant green dress ,her voice warm and soft.
       "What brings you to this area”

      “I've been here many times”, I reply, relaxing and drink my tea slowly,
our conversation wandering off into the night at ease in this welcoming house.

      She looks at her watch.

      “It's getting late.. or early… I better turn in.. Goodnight. You can sleep here until the fog lifts”

      "Thank you. Have a good night”
      "You too. This might be a strange question but can I give you a hug”

      That's the kind of person she is, she asks politely if she can hug me.

       I feel a sense of affinity with this lonely kind women so I accepted.

       “Yes of course”

         She hugs me once then strangely lays her hand on my chest. She begins scratching the flesh on the middle of my chest , and I see her nails are more like claws.Her first scratch tears my clothes and the second tears into my flesh deeply, I sigh and grimace in pain and the blood pours.

       I push her off limply.

       “What are you doing?”

       “Be where you're supposed to be" In the mirror I gaze the glint of steel in her hand, her arm raising towards my back. “And live!”

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