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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

THE DISAPPEARANCES, A very short story by Scott F.



                                               THE DISAPPEARANCES

                                                              Scott F.

      "And what relation do you have to the disappeared, Miss?"

      "I was their neighbour, Sir."

      "Tell me from the top."

      "The sun was just setting on the horizon. I was cooking in the kitchen. My husband's

 been---sick you see. He's never been quite the same since he went AWOL so to speak,

six months ago-----we found him wandering in the woods, He has terrible nightmares."

        "I see, go on,"

        "Well darkness was falling and the street lights had come on for the night. It was

a still night, My window was open to let out the steam from cooking. I was washing

some dishes in the sink, and and glimpsed up to look through the window.'

         "There was some kids, very young kids---pale kids---sickly looking kids---wandering

 around, going door to door, but few people seemed to answer.. I watched them as they

 approached my neighbours' door,'

         "And the strangest thing of all----I know it was dark but I remember their eyes

glinting in the moonlight---it haunts me---pure black---absolutely no colour----it gives me

the shivers up my spine.'

          "And that was the last I saw of my neighbours, There was some brief conversation.

I think the kids asked to use their phone and my neighbours let them inside,"

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