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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


                                                            PRO BONO

                                                              by Scott F. 

The Saviour grooms his image to a Tee
it's all about finesse
style over substance
the craving for attention
it's all about ME ME ME.


The Saviour
the white knight thinking he's riding into the 'heart of darkness'
told the assembled masses “they have to listen to you now”
singing rock songs while rioters throw bricks in Princes street
as the oppressors of the world debate
the next move, when to do it
and how.


The Saviour
a burglar more brash than the british, with more ego than Leopold
happy to play the puppet, easily pressed into the mould
unreflective of his role
serves only one master,
sells free markets to Africa and so has sold his soul.


Offers a band aid not mutual aid
charity instead of solidarity.
Kissing Putin on the cheek….
if he had his way,
the earth wouldn't be inherited by the meek….


And there's a million minions who act no better
who smile for the camera but don't question the fetter
who turn the politics of resistance into a dull faced banality
who pervert social change with their cult of personality.

And if 2016 is the year Death's ticking off the list
then please please
I must insist
please let him be next!!


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