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Monday, 16 May 2016


                                                JOHN WESLEY'S FOUNDRY CHURCH

The story of the Foundry Church is rich with history. According to the Minutes of Proceedings of the Royal Artillery Institution(Volume 6, page 235), “In 1704, Mr. Mathew Bagley took the Moorfields Foundry and, for twelve years, cast guns and mortars out of metal supplied for the purpose by the Board of Ordinance.”
With the harsh winds of the winter of 1739 imprisoning the Christian faithful indoors and the ill favor of the Anglican priests forcing John Wesley outdoors, the supernatural paradox resulted in John Wesley coordinating the acquisition and renovation of the old artillery foundry of King Charles.  Sitting atop Windmill Hill, north of Finsbury Fields, the building known for casting brass guns and mortars for the Royal Ordinance had sat quietly for 23 years after it was closed in 1716


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