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Wednesday, 25 May 2016



                                                 ELEGY FOR ANDREW JAMES BOW

                                                              by James L.S.Carter


                      Fitness fanatic,

                      Computer wizard,

                      A genius in his way;

                      Everywhere I go I see reminders of places he knew.

                      There's the mental health centre we first met.

                       It's closed now.

                       Andrew knew this.

                       There's the cafe we went when we first met.

                        Andrew knew this cafe.

                        Andrew gave me his phone no. and I was so concerned

                        he got home safely the first time we met;

                        I phoned him. He knew this.

                        There's the path to the little sports park Andrew found

                        on his way on foot over to my flat.

                         Andrew knew this little path.

                         There's the restaurant Andrew exhibited such bad manners at.

                         I hope he knew I forgave him his manners.

                         I hope he knew I wish we could eat there again together.

                         There's the library our Collective Advocacy organization met.

                         Andrew was a founding member.

                         Andrew knew this library.

                         I wish he knew I regret dropping him as a friend

                         after he turned violent.

                         There's the bench we had fish and chips together.

                         Andrew knew this bench.

                         There are the videos and podcasts Andrew sent me.

                         Andrew knew these only too well.

                         Here is the flat where Andrew, suffering from Asperger's Syndrome

                         unknowingly overstayed his welcome,

                        I wish he would unknowingly overstay his welcome again,

                        Here is the flat where I shall probably die alone and lonely

                        in fear, horror, and dread.

                         In his flat,

                         alone and lonely,

                         facing death,

                         The door sealed and the windows broken.

                         Andrew knew this,

                         Andrew was only 36.

                         He isn't buried yet.


                                                         Copyright James L.S.Carter

                                                     MAY 2016, Edinburgh, Scotland

                                               ANDREW BOW'S DEATH IN EDINBURGH




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