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Monday, 31 August 2015


                                                   LORD'S PRAYER VIDEO


                                                 LANGUAGES  IN VIDEO*

                                                ANCIENT GREEK (1st Century) ;
                                                LATIN (first century) ; 
                                                HEBREW (first century) ; 
                                                COPTIC (first century) ; 
                                                OLD ENGLISH (1000 AD) ; 
                                                OLD FRENCH (1200 AD); 
                                                OLD SPANISH (1200 AD) ; 
                                                MIDDLE FRENCH (1500 AD)

                                                *LANGUAGE DESCRIPTION: 

- ANCIENT GREEK= original language of the New Testament and of the eastern part of the Roman Empire. International language of Roman Empire.
- LATIN = Language of Ancient Rome, sacred and official language of the catholic church. 
- HEBREW = at the times of Jesus (Roman period). Liturgical language of the Jews. Language of the jewish elite and priests in Palestine. Not language of the people. 
- COPTIC = language spoken in Egypt during the Roman period (with ancient greek). Language of many Apocrypha, papyri of Nag Ammadi. Language of the egyptian coptic church. Evolution of ancient egyptian language, but using mostly the Greek alphabet.
- OLD ENGLISH: language of the Saxons, a Germanic tribe coming from northern Netherlands who invaded Celtic Britain after the downfall of the Roman empire. Ancestor of English language. Language of the epic Beowulf. 
- OLD FRENCH: ancient language of upper part of France. Lingua Franca (international language) of medieval Europe. Used in many European courts, in trade, in literature (the legends of the holy Grail, King Arthur, and Roland, written in this language). Language of the English medieval nobelty. 
- OLD SPANISH: Spanish of the 1200's. Occupied by the Arabs at that time. I don't know more about it. 
- MIDDLE FRENCH: evolved French. Closer to modern French. Spoken in the Renaissance. With writers like Rabelais, Du Belais, Ronsard, Clément Marot. Period of King François Ist. 

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