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Monday, 30 December 2019

TOWARDS ANNO DOMINI TWENTY-TWENTY,a poem for 2020 by Tom Leonard



The Goddess Fortuna rolls her now heavily loaded die

And fires rage in the hinterland

While fascist India freezes.

While the icecaps melt,

And they still play Test cricket on their sticky Aussie wickets!!

The run amok neo-libs nevertheless taunt  and tease the Iconic Child.

And the high priests and wasteful jet set princelings? 

They play hanky spanky with Winnie the Pooh.

And the politicians turn totally belligerent and insane

As Capitalism rents itself asunder;

The Eugenics of Galton is upon us

As the fat cats simply know they are superior

And wanna burn chavs

And grind the 'deficient' for mincemeat

For food banks.  

Impeach and incarcerate all the tricky dickies,

Lest Twenty-Twenty becomes the Year of Planetary Doom

Or we'll be sending our beloved children to a hot and freezing tomb!!

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