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Sunday, 4 March 2018



Philip Hoskyns Bryant with his sister Florence and his mother Jane Hoskyns Abrahall Bryant (wife of the Squire of Peter Tarvy, the Rev. Dr. Francis J. Bryant)
outside the rectory of St Peter's Church, Peter Tavy in 1907.  Ref. 1004/9 Plymouth City archives.  Discovered on the Internet by Tom's older daughter in 2004.


Tom's father Cecil Leonard and his mother Ethel May (Rhona) Leonard in Saltash, Cornwall about 1970.

There is a very clear facial match in these pictures between the errant  Philip Hoskynd Bryant, son of the Squire Rector of Peter Tavy, and my father Captain Cecil Leonard (DCLI and Green Howards. Together with the evidence in the following two documents, thid overwhelmlingly proves that Philip was my great grandfather.. and hence (by Burke's peerage) our descendeacy from the Hoskyns-Abrahalls, the first two Barons Hoskyns, and the noble Abrahalls with their hedgehog heraldic motiif.

A couple of relatives have mocked and poured scorn on me for this conclusion over the years, I believe while attempting tto gaslight me and deprive my father of his noble ancestry.

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