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Sunday, 25 March 2018



        Thank you, guys. And now I would like to invite Professor John Hsu, to present this statuette to Diego Andres Perez Ruiz of Manchester University for interviewing me at length during 2016 regarding my idiosyncratic opinions about Bayesian Statistics. The long interview was published in the Bulletin of the International Society of Bayesian Analysis, at which time the Editor honoured my long-time academic friend Stephen Fienberg of Carnegie-Mellon University, who passed away just prior to its publication, and whose honesty and integrity transcend Statistics, In his after dinner speech at the Valencia 6 conference in 1998, Steve joked about my keenness to cite the literature, in particular my very obscure paper in Technometrics 1975. I am glad to have the opportunity to also honour Professor Stephen Fienberg by mentioning him in this speech twenty years later


My father, like me, poured contempt on phobic people who marginalise and bully our minorities and the vulnerable. I am myself proud to be both a psychiatric survivor and the person God made me to be. Like my family of true friends around me and the Quakers at their annual meetings which I attended last August at the University of Warwick, I am in fundamental disagreement with those who ridicule, gaslight, exploit, or triangulate against any other human being, whether the victim is an immigrant, disabled, transgender, gay, autistic, intersex, dyspraxic, or whatever, and I call upon the transgressors to beg mercy from Almighty God himself,or herself.

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