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Friday, 9 February 2018

The Petition Contribution They Tried to Quash


The following contribution has been accepted for publication by the Scottish Parliament, to be appended, among many others to the outstandingly successful petition  PEO1651 by Marion Brown concerning recovery and withdrawal from the terrible physical side effects of toxic psych  meds.
         Since publishing an earlier version of this contribution on my Mental Health Discussions Page I have been put under unfair pressures to withdraw it, by a person or persons belittling my previous contributions to the area,
         To such people. my answer is: Tell the truth and all good Scots will listen, and who gives a fig about the bad ones?

         I suspect that the unfair pressures put on me during two telephone calls to my home were caused by 'ripples from above' e,g, from the psychology/psychotherapy professions and members of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, Instructing somebody to remove a formal contribution to the Scottish Parliament seems to me to be completely out of hand.

Thomas Leonard submission of 28 January 2018
During early 2015, I was advised by a leading neuropsychiatrist, working in a professional capacity to the effect that all psychiatric diagnoses are arbitrary and many are misleading
James Carter and I have been involved in a mental health campaign in Scotland since 2012 regarding the harmful side effects of toxic psych meds, and a mass of information is collated on our websites and my blog. I am also the moderator of the Facebook Group Mental Health Discussions Edinburgh, which boasts over 1350 members and about 250 posts per month,
While I am a psychiatric survivor I am also an active Bayesian statistician. Given the huge amount of information available to me, I subjectively estimate that at least 20% of our population have experienced a harmful side effect from a toxic psych med. Moreover, if a person keeps taking a toxic psych med indefinitely, the person will be very likely to eventually experience a debilitating side effect, I refer to anti-depressants, anti-psychotics, mood stabilisers, and foul medications such as ritalin and adderall which are used to destroy the iives of our young and elderly alike, 
I make this assessment as a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society, a founding fellow of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis and a recently published author, who stopped taking toxic psych meds in October 2011, following a total of 16 years on them (e.g imaprimine, lithium, klonopin, Epilim, Haleperidol and amisulphide). I was originally misdiagnosed as bipolar, and I was 67 before I was rediagnosed with A.D.D, The side and withdrawal effects have been devastating to my physical health but my cognition and productivity is now better than ever as I approach the age of 70..I anticipate that my life expectancy has been reduced by the ghastly toxic psych meds by about 15 years.

A later submission was severely edited by the Petitions Clerk. who removed the key historical content:

PE1651/WWWWWWWW Dr Thomas Leonard submission of 1 June 2018

On 7th May 2014, I wrote to Dr.John Gilles,Chair, Royal College of General Practitioners, Scotland in my capacity of Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society requesting a joint meeting of the Societies to consider the sort of rampant psychiatric malpractice which is evident in the discussion of the current petition. I did not receive the courtesy of a reply, My letter is reproduced on the psychiatric home page of my website.

 Between May and October 2011 I fell into a deeply somnolent condition sleeping about 20 hours a day following 10 years in an Epilim-induced biochemical straightjacket, My GP advised me to the effect that 'there was no treatment and that Social Services would eventually come and pick up the pieces'. My Type 2 diabetes was not detected until later, and she also failed to diagnose the lymphodema with chronic venous insufficiency which was causing rampant cellulitus up my legs. It was only when a cancerous melanoma appeared on my wrist that she sprung into action and took the credit, During that period I felt that I had been abandoned and 'left to rot' or die Following Dr, Terry Lynch's wise words of caution, I would like to advise the Committee to be very cautious at the ways in which the General Practitioners respond to this petition.

TODAY:Nowadays, about a quarter of our population are at some level of toxic 'mind stew' from the psych meds they take, and some large proportion of these suffer from physical side effects. Most psychiatric diagnoses are arbitrary and many are misleading. Moreover very few of the medications cure the supposed or imagined disorders which they are purporting to treat, while most of them seem to dumb down the cognition of the unfortunate patient. Many people are dying horrific deaths because of their medications, and many tiny children are become unnecessarily violent or suicidal

HISTORIC OPPORTUNITY: Marion Brown's petition gives the Scottish Parliament a unique chance in history to assert its independence and lead the entire world by supporting our efforts to put an end to these gross crimes against humanity. In more general terms, we need much more funded research to explore effective holistic treatments, less unfair interference by Big Pharma into our psychiatric research. a speedy fazing out of toxic psych meds.

 SOCIO-POLITICAL ISSUES:We also need much more accommodation of people with mental health issue in the workplace. and in their home and working environments. In other words, the mental health problem can only ultimately be solved by a detailed socio-political restructuring of the Society in which we live, However, Society itself we be greatly improved if we do al this, since all of our unique talents will be greatly enhanced and more fully recognized in the process..

CONCLUSION: I respectfully call upon the Petitions Committee to ignore the latest conglomeration of inept platitudes from the hard-line bureaucrats in the Scottish Government and from the self-serving medical and psychiatric professions. By approving Marion Brown's petition you will become celebrated around the world by initiating a high level international struggle against the barbaric psychiatric oppression which darkens our lives.


 HISTORY:The term 'Eugenics' was coined by Sir Francis Galton at my almer mater University College London in 1883, and the horrifying World Eugenics Movement of the early 20th Century was inspired in part by the heavily discriminatory statistical conclusions published by Sir Ronald Fisher, Karl and Egon Pearson, and their successors in the Galton Lab at UCL.

The Eugenics Movement led to much human suffering around the world, for example the horrific treatment of mental health patients In Nazi Germany, which was directed by the former British prince, Charles Edward von Coburg.

It also led to all the horrors of the post war CIA mind control program MKULTRA and the gross experiments perpetrated at McGill University in Montreal by the highly eminent Glaswegian psychiatrist Dr, Ewen Cameron.

After visiting Cameron at McGill, the British psychiatrist Dr. William Sargant continued similar atrocities in the basement of St. Thomas Hospital in London, For example, in the Sleep Room, many women were drugged for months on end while their brains were damaged by ECT on a routine basis, This is commonly regarded as the genesis of modern clinical psychiatry in Britain.


  1. You have my inconditionnal support. Keep these killers, for that's what they are, conscious of their murderous acts. I am confident that we will gain the support of the general public. These neurotoxins are dangerous and the public needs to understand the ramifications of using such chemicals. Keep up the good work and all the best to you.

  2. Hi Thomas, I am sorry to hear that you were subjected to pressure to withdraw what you have every right to say. Sounds like bully-boy tactics to me. Good on you for speaking your truth. Only by people having the courage to speak truth will the power dynamic shift.

  3. You are doing outstanding work for all those who have been harmed by psychotropic drugs and electroshock Thomas. I hope that in spite of all the harm you endured, your heart and spirit being so courageous, you will live for a long time to come. Thankfully we are more than the sum of our parts.
    In solidarity and Celtic spirit,