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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

THE TRIUMVIRATE A sonnet composed by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard

                                                          THE TRIUMVIRATE

                                                    by Thomas Hoskyns Leonard





                         Wherefore today, old man, so goggle-eyed,                                  
                         To Three Bridges, Queen's Head, or Goblin Haw?                   

                         OLD TOM

                         I wish to Gifford you would give me ride,                                    
                         Though I still splutter and my chest is sore.                                  


                          Remember to change yer troos, you old fart,                                
                          Wash yer dishes, and scrub the bathroom floor.

                          OLD TOM

                          But I must my group Facebook page restart,
                          Work on my blog, put Chess.Com to the fore.


                           Your mind parts from your body, like a bore;
                           Tendresse hides, while you as Narcissus play.

                           OLD TOM:

                           My empathy lies in my gut, Igor;
                           My memories seek for some sunny day


                            This from a poet, writer in his way;
                            Let him fight the fight and the dragons slay.




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